Saturday, March 1, 2008

Update on the boys

Wow, a lot has happened in our family since I last wrote! February just blew by at our house. Valentine's never happened, and I have decided that we have a Valentine's curse, as we have yet to celebrate Valentine's ever during our marriage. Something always happens. Oh well, I'd rather have a Valentine's curse than a Christmas curse! Micah slept in - way in - on Valentine's. I went to check on him late morning, and he was not too responsive. He didn't cry at anything I did (changing diapers, wiping his snotty nose,etc.) and hardly even opened his eyes. His hands and feet were blue. He was white. We took him on to the ER and they gave him fluids. He started to do worse after that....his oxygen went down, he couldn't cry, and didn't want to. They tested further and found out that he had RSV. He was admitted to Pediatrics on the afternoon of Valentine's Day. It wasn't fun, but I am so grateful for all of the blessings I received from this experience. I got to be there with him the whole time, and since he's the second child we hardly ever get one-on-one time. I didn't have anything to do but sit around, read, write, think..... I had time to evaluate my life and feel very happy about my choices, but also think about things I wanted to do differently. I also developed this whole new love, empathy, and compassion for women and families that have to deal with watching their children suffer with medical issues of some kind. There isn't much harder than watching your child cry out, and not being able to make it better, to feel so helpless, not be able to pick them up and hug them. It's so incredibly difficult and life changing. You learn to count your blessings.

Lucky for us, Micah was discharged just 4 days later, and we never had to go back for any follow-up care. What a blessing!

After that, Kolton got one of those Mercer abscesses below his belly button. We had to take him to the hospital last Sunday to get cultures. He had 2 of them by then. He was so brave. He sat in my lap and cried while they drained it a bit to get what they needed for the tests. I've had them before, so I know what it feels like, and I was blown away by how well he sat there and let them do it. I was also really surprised when he forgave them so quickly for a sticker and a sucker. Once again, we were lucky. We got him started on some antibiotics Monday night, and it's already almost completely gone.

Everyone gets there turn at getting sick I guess, but I truly feel blessed to have had such a healthy family. I think I needed this time, however difficult, to learn not to take for granted the many blessings and miracles I am given every day. Life with children is truly crazy. You never really know what will happen next, but it is the best crazy there ever could be. Looking at them when they're sleeping, hearing them giggle, and dancing on the kitchen floor make it all worth it! Thanks everyone, for your love, prayers, and support. Family truly is the greatest gift of all.


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