Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Day at the Park

We went to Liberty Park last week. We had so much fun! Kolton was all over the place, as usual. He loves anything forbidden. Especially things that you can climb up high on. But like any kid, he also loves the swings and the slide. Micah loves the swing, and is content to swing the entire time. He giggles the whole time, although it's hard to tell because his thumb is in his mouth. What sweet little dolls they are!

Hallie found a stick right away. She carried it around the whole time. She was happy to just play in the dirt and bark with her stick. A little different than the usually VERY adventurous Hallie, but a nice change. It made it easier, at least this time, to keep track of everyone. Joshie loved the climbing wall. It was just his size, so he could get to the top pretty easily. He spent most of his time on it. He got so proud of himself every time he reached the top! What a couple of cuties!
Nate was mischevious as usual. He wanted me to chase him the whole time. He made monster noises at me and ran back and forth through this tunnel. He knew I couldn't catch him in there. Nate is the king of funny faces. I will have to post a picture of his "shark face" sometime. It's hilarious! Oh yeah, right when we gathered the kids to leave, Nathan disappeared. Boy, it happend fast! Luckily, we found him pretty quickly - he had wandered to a different playground. Phew! He gave us quite a scare. He thought it was pretty funny of course.

I feel so lucky to get to share the experience of raising these 5, darling toddlers with my mom. How much bettter could it get than that? We are so blessed. I love being with these sweet little spirits. They share my enthusiasm for life. Everything is new, and exciting, and it's so much fun to help them discover their world! I love you guys!

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Stacey said...

It sounds like you guys had such a fun time, I love the pictures!


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