Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Cheese is Great So Far....

If anyone here hasn't read "Who Moved My Cheese?" you're missing out. It's a great book about change and life and happiness. Hence the cheese comments. Anyway, the cheese really is great so far. I started Weight Watchers for the first time on Monday. I was really happy with the results from my other diet, but I didn't want to do something that strict this time. I wanted to find something that would teach me a better way to eat for life. I realized recently that not know the right way to eat is part of my problem. I know all the rules, and I enjoy healthy food (and also not-so-healthy-food), but I have never had to worry about what or how much I eat until I had kids. I think it was because before, I had an extremely active lifestyle. I hiked, ran, climbed, played volleyball and indoor soccer, biked, etc. every single day. For hours. Of course I didn't have to worry about what I ate! But things are different now. As much as I loved that active lifestyle, things are different with kids. So I finally decided to move with the cheese. I wasn't sure what I thought about Weight Watchers. I never really knew anyone that lost all their weight and kept if off (I mean, to the point that they look so good you would want to look like them). But I was talking to my friend and laser hair removal gal, Mykin, last week, and she was telling me that she did it after all four of her kids, got down to less than she weighed in high school, and kept it off for a year until the next baby. She raved about it, and got me really pumped. So I started Monday and I've lost 3 lbs. so far. It's been so nice to feel like I have a choice of what to eat. I can eat a treat and not feel guilty about it. I can eat anything I want in moderation. I hated it the first day, but this is the third day and I already love it, and I think I could eat this way forever. I'm really enjoying it. (And who enjoys their weight loss diet three days into it?)
I also finally got lucky and found myself a double bike trailer on KSL. Bike riding is something I did all the time, up until we had kids. I started riding a little here and there the past couple of weeks when the kids were still sleeping and Wes was home. I decided that it might be a fun activity to try doing with them. We hooked it up last night, and rode around a little. I found myself begging Wes for one more loop around the block! The hills sucked, but it was so worth it! I am excited to have a new way to get around with the boys, and I think I will use it often. I feel great. I'm already starting to crave running (I will change my mind once I go, but then I'll crave it again, and so on, until I run all the time). I'm thinking about running the half marathon in Park City on August 23rd. I'm looking for a buddy to run or run/walk with, so please let me know if you want to join in.
I have also been following my Flylady Control Journal. That's been really great, and it's helped me find the time to set goals, pray, contemplate, read my scriptures, etc. I've still got some adjustments to make, but it's going really great. It's actually really in line with the book idea I have been working on. (yes, I have a dream to write a book someday.) I'm really enjoying it. I'm thinking about starting Kolton on some simple chores on Monday. I found a cute chart at Utah/Idaho supply with reusable stickers. It has pictures on it for small children who can't read yet. Make the bed, brush your teeth, be happy, that kind of thing. We'll see if I follow through, and how it goes.
Budgeting has been going awesome - it's turned into something I really love. Paying off debt is slower in coming, but it is coming nonetheless. Student loans suck. But they got us through, and now I just want us to be rid of them ASAP. Hopefully 5-7 years. I do feel like we're ready to kick it up a notch in this area. I'm hoping to cut a couple hundred dollars off of our grocery bill, with coupons and less diapers, gardening, that sort of thing. I'm excited about that. I have also been trying to think of little way that I could generate some money for fun things like going places, fixing up out house, Christmas, etc. I had a few ideas. But then I got an e-mail for Brite music a couple days ago. Someone was looking for a rep to host a party. I joined Brite to get discounts and to sell their products, but right after I joined they decided to gradually become internet-based and I didn't want to sell products over the internet. I wanted to interact with other moms and earn my own free stuff. Anyway, I decided to do the party with my mom, and I'm excited! I love Brite, and I love their products! It'll be fun to do that here and there, I think. Especially if I get free stuff. I like getting things for free.
I am finally reading "The Holy Secret." I have been a busy gal this week, so it's been a little slower reading than usual, but I am really enjoying it and would highly recommend it to anyone. It's definitely strengthening my testimony of all things holy. I love the gospel, and I feel so lucky that we are living in a time when so many more tools and information are available to us for our good. It's gotten me thinking about and Enrichmnet group idea, or maybe even a couples idea with a few friends. Back when Wes and I were dating, once a month on Sunday evening, we'd get together with our scriptures and talk about uplifting things. We'd ponder, ask questions, pick apart scriptures, bear testimonies, and learn so much. We grew to really love one another a lot. It was absolutely one of my favorite group things I've ever done. If you are interested, let me know. This is one thing I am definitely going to pursue.
Thanks for reading, and I'll keep everyone updated. I'm excited about my new cheese!

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Mary Croxford said...

Way to go!!!!! Weight Watchers is great and I've lost 2 lbs so far!s (You always seem to stay just a bit ahead of me!!!) I forgot all about that book, who moved my cheese. Do you have it? I want to read it again. I bet Jes would like it too! Sounds like your week is going great! Keep on, keeping on! Hugs, Mom


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