Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I just wanted to wish all the fathers in my life a Happy Father's Day. I am so lucky to have 3 amazing men in my life for my sons to look up to.
I'll start with my dad. I love my dad. He and I are very close. He's an amazing guy. I feel so proud and lucky to be his daughter. I am so glad I grew up watching the way he treated my mom, and also the way he treated me and my sister. Like royalty. My mom got flowers all the time, and so did we. And notes, and special time together. He's always been so supportive of me and everything I do. He's always honest with me. I remember when I was younger and I figure skated. My dad got up every morning and drove me to practice. He watched me skate and gave me tips. (Yes, my dad learned all about figure skating to help me get better. I'm sure he was very glad when I decided to try playing volleyball.) He was alwayas there growing up, and he's still there now. He works so hard, and he never complains about it. He's so smart, and I love talking to him about anything and everything. I always learn something new when I talk with him. He's also a lot of fun! He gets involved in everything we do. He doesn't just sit in the sidelines. He jumps in and plays too. When I am around him, I feel peace. That would be my word for my dad. I could never say enough good things about him. I love you, Dad. Thanks for giving me so many wonderful memories, and such a beautiful example of what it is to be a parent. I love you!
Next, Wes's dad, Lee. He's an amazing guy too. I fell in love with him right away. He's someone everyone loves, and he makes everyone around him feel so comfortable. He's very quiet and observant of others. He doesn't judge or criticize. He doesn't gossip. Whenever he says anything you want to hang on every word, becasue he doesn't talk a lot, but when he does it's always worth hearing. He's very spiritual - he knows just about everything there is to know about Joseph Smith. I've certainly learned a lot more about Joseph Smith since I married Wes. He's also always ready to jump in and have fun. He and Wes still play golf and volleyball together sometimes. I feel so grateful to him for setting such a wonderful example for my husband of what it is to be a husband and a father. I am truly blessed to be his daughter-in-law!
Last but not least, my dear, sweet husband. Wes is everything amazing to me. I could never even come close to describing how much I love and care for him. He tells me all the time that what he loves most about me is how much I love him. I lvoe the way he looks at me. He makes me feel so special. He gets such a kick out of everything I do. He loves it when I run into his arms when he gets home from work. He comes home and jumps happily into the chaos at home. The boys absolutely adore him, which I love! Wes almost always is the one who gives the boys their bath at night. It's their special time. The whole bathroom is always soaking wet when he's done, but they all love every minute of it (and he even cleans up afterwards! What more could a girl ask for?). He's such an incredible example to me of so many things. One of them is honor. He's one of those people that you can get to know for five minutes and be able to trust him with your life. He's so hardworking and honorable. He's so sensitive to my needs, and our children's needs, and he works so hard to make sure he gives us all a happy, secure life - one full of love, laughter, and memories. I'm so glad that our boys have his incredible example to follow. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father of my children. He is so amazing! And he's the hottest guy around! I love you, Babe!

Happy Father's Day!

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