Monday, June 16, 2008

Volleyball Tournament at Liberty Park

This is my very sexy hubby playing at his volleyball tournament last Saturday. I am so proud of him for staying in shape and healthy, and keeping up with his hobbies. He's a good volleyball player, and I love to watch him play. He's so quick, and you don't expect it from someone so tall. I love playing volleyball with him even more! Hopefully we will play in a tournament together soon! Great job, Babe! You're an awesome volleyball player and I love you! Also, a quick snapshot of the boys. They came with me and did pretty well, considering. It was a long, hot day for them. They sure love their Daddy. Kolton did well on his potty-training. He kept himself dry the whole day - except for pooping of course. (I've figured out why he won't go by the way - he's scared of the "snakes" in the potty!) I got a little desperate at the end. I ran out of snacks and finally gave in to a cotton candy for them and a churro for myself. As you can see, Micah decided the churro was his. Maybe one day they will play in a volleyball tournament together?! I hope so! How fun would that be?

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