Monday, July 21, 2008

Bear Lake Flop

We're home. Yes, we're home early. Bear Lake was a flop. I have so many happy memories there, that I just can't get used to how different it is with kids. I really thought I had adapted this year, and that it would be different.

It all started when we were up late for several weeks in a row....

I started off this vacation very tired, and Wes was very tired too. But we'll get some sleep there, we figured. Ha ha, yeah right. We arrived and within minutes Kolton was on the roof of the condo. Yes, the roof. I don't know how he manages to find every little area that he can't be, but it's a hidden talent of his. Sometimes I feel like such an uptight mom, but then he goes and does a thing like that and I think - I'm just trying to keep this kid alive!
Anyway, the roof thing happened a couple of times, as well as him visiting strangers in other condos, taking a trip to the beach, and a trip to the park. He had a blast, of course. I had a nervous breakdown. Poor kid. He wasn't misbehaving, there was just too much to do in one little place for an adventurous little guy like him.
Here is a picture of our living arrangements. (the one and only picture from our trip I might add!)Yes, those are mattresses on the wall. There is a railing in the loft to overlook the downstairs. The babies could climb through it, over it, you name it. They also figured out how to swing from the box springs on the bed. They thought it was a blast. Through all of the exhaustive frustration, I can't help thinking how fun it is to be a kid, and how adorable they are!

It took forever to decide to cut the trip short. It was really hard to leave. I love my family so dearly, and it's one of those special times when everyone is together. Aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone. It's so fun to spend time together and enjoy one another, and to see what's new with everyone. I'm glad I at least got to do that. I saw almost everyone. But it finally got to the point where I was so exhausted, that chasing the boys around, loading the car, and doing it all myself while Wes went back home became too much for me. I decided to come home. The boys are still asleep and it's 11:30! They were tired too. I'm glad to come home and get unloaded and catch up. Although, I am tempted to head back up in a couple days, if I can recover in time. If not, I will remember that the boys had a blast. We did get to take them to the beach once, which they loved, a nice, long bike ride along the beach(which lulled Micah right to sleep), and take them to the playground a couple of times. I also got pretty far in my knitting project because I spent so much time at the condo while they were sleeping. It was really fun, despite everything. Life with toddlers just keeps you guessing. You can never adapt enough sometimes, but I really do know that one day, I will miss this. I will miss the giggles and the chasing and the wiping up of stickies. I will miss the "monster" hugs and kisses, the power of kissing "owies" better, and the way they look when they are sleeping. I love my boys, and I love my life, despite the fact that it's been insanely difficult lately. I feel so blessed to be their Mommy, and to be challenged in a new way every day. I thank the Lord every single day for sending them to me. Even when they cut my vacation short, I love them with all my heart.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Pictures.....

Here is a picture of most of my garden. I just harvested a ton, and replanted a few things. It's so fun to watch everything grow.....and even more fun to sample the garden fresh produce!

These shasta daisies just opened up this week. Aren't they adorable? Daisies are one of my favorite flowers! So friendly!

Here's one of the scarves I made in my knitting class. Next project - a blanket. I'm still in love with knitting! I can't wait for it to get cool enough to wear a scarf now!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I think I'm in Love.....

In light of mine and Wes's goals to take a little time for ourselves, I went to a knitting class last night. It's something I've been wanting to learn to do for awhile. The opportunity came when Kamille's at Gardner Village was doing their beginning class for 1/2 price this month. I signed up, got my supplies, and waited. Finally the class day came. It was really fun. I caught on really fast, and really enjoyed it. It was also really fun to be there with a group of women. Once everyone got the basics, it was just knitting for the rest of the class. Everyone chatted and had a good time. It makes me want to do a knitting group, or even just all kinds of handwork, for Enrichment, because once you have the basics down you can just sit and chat. What a fun way to get to know people! Also, a fun way to serve together, do a project together, share a skill, etc. Anyway, next week we will finish our scarves. We cast on this week, and our homework is to make the scarf as long as we want it. Next week we will make fringe on the ends. There are all kinds of classes to make all kinds of things. I am excited to make some clogs, baby things, sweaters, socks, just about everything. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I am, but it is seriously addicting. I have begun my love affair with knitting.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

We had a great 4th of July this year! It actually started on the 2nd, when we decided to do a test run with the fireworks and the boys. Micah was asleep before it began, and Kolton hated it and asked to go to bed. Wes and I enjoyed them with my mom, Melinda, and Jesse, who came over for our short show. It was a beautiful night, and it was really fun.
The morning of the 3rd, we rose bright and early to watch the hot air balloon launch in Provo. We had to go a day early this year because Wes had a volleyball tournament on the 4th. It was fun. We arrived just as they were launching. The boys loved it. Here is a picture of their cute faces as they watched the balloons. Aren't they adorable?

Faces of awe and surprise. They were fascinated. It was really fun to spend the early morning hours together our in the rising sun, watching the beautiful balloons. The wind wasn't cooperating, so the contests and games that the balloons participated in were cut short. That was good though, because Wes made it back just in time to go to work. The boys took a long, early nap, and I was able to accomplish a few things at home. It was nice.
After Wes got home, we hopped on our bikes and rode over to my parents' house for Jesse's 12th birthday party. We played on the giant waterslide, and ate delicious, juicy rib eye steaks (thanks Mom!) and potatoes, and garden fresh salad. After that, we did presents because the babies kept "helping" Jesse unwrap, and it was getting hard to hide what they were. He got lots of fun things, and my parents gave him an electric scooter, which has already racked up the miles! We have all enjoyed it. Jesse's always offering to come over and drop something off for my mom or me. He also takes the babies on rides, which they love. Anyway, after the presents, we did fireworks, which Micah once again slept through, and Kolton, once again, went to bed shortly after they started. Poor little guy. He gets it from me. I remember being 8 or 9 and telling my parents that I liked watching the fireworks better from over here (inside the house). Hopefully he'll grow out of it faster than me.
The 4th was awesome! Wes was up and out of bed early to get to Park City, where the tournament was. The boys and I slept in, and then we got up, got ready, and took off. Jesse came with us. We arrived right before they finished playing in the first pool. They went undefeated, and had a couple matches left to play for one of the top 4 spots. My camera ran out of batteries at the balloon launch, and I forgot to bring it to the tournament altogether. I'll have to post pics of the next one. Anyway, they played awesome! They took 2nd and lost the 1st place by 2 points. They really could've won, and they were a little frustrated when they found out the winning team got golf passes to Park City. But it was a great improvement from the last tourney, and I know they can win next time. Way to go, Babe!
After we got home, we put the boys down, freshened up, and headed out to Sandy to Wes's grandparent's house. They live right above the city hall, so we gather there every year to watch the beautiful fireworks display the city puts on. It was fun to see everyone, and Kolton loved the big fireworks. He still talks about them all the time!
We rented "Dan in Real Life" Saturday, and loved it! One of the best movies I've seen in awhile. All in all, a fun holiday weekend. On a more serious note, I wanted to express my great love and appreciation for this beautiful country we live in. I am so proud to be an American, and so grateful for all of the wonderful freedoms and opportunities we have. I am so very grateful for our military, and for the AMAZING work and sacrificing they do, to keep our country safe. They represent so much of what we stand for, and I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart. God bless you! Also, I am grateful that I not only get the opportunity to live in America, but also in Utah, where our culture is so centered around our religion. It makes it such a nice place to live. I don't know how I got so lucky, but I sure am glad I did, and I will never take it for granted. I know it's been hard for many people lately, with the new Presidential campaign, the oil prices, and the economy, the war in Iraq, but we truly are blessed people, and living in a promised land. We have so many opportunities to give, grow, learn, and serve. I am so thankful for that. I love you, America!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catching Up....

I haven't blogged in awhile. Part of it is because my camera is temperamental and deletes pictures the same day I take them. I like having pictures on my posts, but I am mad at my camera so I haven't been using it. The other part is because I've been sick. Or so I thought, but now I think it's hayfever. I haven't had hayfever in years, but I guess it's because of all the weeds growing wild out here everywhere. As if it didn't drive me nuts already! Oh well, at least I've figured out why I feel so awful and can't seem to recover.
On a lighter note, we've had a pretty good week (or two, or however long it's been since I've blogged). I finally chopped my hair, which really surprised me. I've had short hair before, but I don't think I've cut more than a couple inches at a time since I got pregnant with Micah. I do love my haircut (thanks Celest!) but I will admit that I definitely miss my long hair. I think because I could get by easier without doing it. But the short hair's a nice change for me. Celest tried to talk me in to keeping my long hair, I think because she didn't want to be responsible for any remorse I have. But really, I do like it better, especially for right now.
Something funny that happend was that I traded bike trailers. My old, used one sagged in the middle. It didn't bother me, but Wes would go crazy about it! It absolutely drove him nuts. So I told him I would sell it and get a different one. I posted it on KSL and actually profited from it - I got more than I paid for it! Then, another turn of luck, Wal-Mart marked the bike trailers down for clearance, so I got a brand-new trailer for $5 more than mu old, used one. The new one is way better. I'm glad the old one bugged Wes so much so I could get the new one. Thanks, honey.
Micah cut 3 teeth, and the 4th and 5th ones are right there. You can guess how much sleep we've been getting. Poor little guy. I think his thumbsucking is getting worse with all the teething, and his teeth are starting to move. If anyone knows how to stop a 1-year-old from sucking his thumb, please let me know. He's such a cute little guy, and I don't want him to get too attached to it. I sucked mine all the way up until I got my headgear. In my sleep. I hated it. Lucky for me, the headgear finally helped me quit. I don't want that for him on any level!
Kolton's potty training is going well. He woke up dry from bedtime and naptime a few times lately. He's pooped once. He's still scared of the "snakes" in the potty. He doesn't want to make one. I'm not too worried about it. I think he'll get sick of poopy pull-ups and underwear pretty soon. He's such a bright little boy. I'm working on teaching him my phone number. I'm doing my first Brite party next week, and I thought it would be good if he came knowing some of the things the music teaches. He really loves the Safety Kids CD. I think that's his favorite.
Wes played in another volleyball tournament on Saturday, and he's playing again on the 4th. I will try to get some pictures of my sexy volleyball playing husband. He makes me want to play too. I need to get on that one. And I really need to go climbing. I'm really craving it.
Well, I guess that's all for now. If I get really ambitious this week I will get blogging with pictures again. I love summer, but I didn't realize how busy it is with kids. It's really fun! Being out in the sunshine, watching fireworks, playing in the water.....Happy fun in the sun everyone!


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