Monday, July 21, 2008

Bear Lake Flop

We're home. Yes, we're home early. Bear Lake was a flop. I have so many happy memories there, that I just can't get used to how different it is with kids. I really thought I had adapted this year, and that it would be different.

It all started when we were up late for several weeks in a row....

I started off this vacation very tired, and Wes was very tired too. But we'll get some sleep there, we figured. Ha ha, yeah right. We arrived and within minutes Kolton was on the roof of the condo. Yes, the roof. I don't know how he manages to find every little area that he can't be, but it's a hidden talent of his. Sometimes I feel like such an uptight mom, but then he goes and does a thing like that and I think - I'm just trying to keep this kid alive!
Anyway, the roof thing happened a couple of times, as well as him visiting strangers in other condos, taking a trip to the beach, and a trip to the park. He had a blast, of course. I had a nervous breakdown. Poor kid. He wasn't misbehaving, there was just too much to do in one little place for an adventurous little guy like him.
Here is a picture of our living arrangements. (the one and only picture from our trip I might add!)Yes, those are mattresses on the wall. There is a railing in the loft to overlook the downstairs. The babies could climb through it, over it, you name it. They also figured out how to swing from the box springs on the bed. They thought it was a blast. Through all of the exhaustive frustration, I can't help thinking how fun it is to be a kid, and how adorable they are!

It took forever to decide to cut the trip short. It was really hard to leave. I love my family so dearly, and it's one of those special times when everyone is together. Aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone. It's so fun to spend time together and enjoy one another, and to see what's new with everyone. I'm glad I at least got to do that. I saw almost everyone. But it finally got to the point where I was so exhausted, that chasing the boys around, loading the car, and doing it all myself while Wes went back home became too much for me. I decided to come home. The boys are still asleep and it's 11:30! They were tired too. I'm glad to come home and get unloaded and catch up. Although, I am tempted to head back up in a couple days, if I can recover in time. If not, I will remember that the boys had a blast. We did get to take them to the beach once, which they loved, a nice, long bike ride along the beach(which lulled Micah right to sleep), and take them to the playground a couple of times. I also got pretty far in my knitting project because I spent so much time at the condo while they were sleeping. It was really fun, despite everything. Life with toddlers just keeps you guessing. You can never adapt enough sometimes, but I really do know that one day, I will miss this. I will miss the giggles and the chasing and the wiping up of stickies. I will miss the "monster" hugs and kisses, the power of kissing "owies" better, and the way they look when they are sleeping. I love my boys, and I love my life, despite the fact that it's been insanely difficult lately. I feel so blessed to be their Mommy, and to be challenged in a new way every day. I thank the Lord every single day for sending them to me. Even when they cut my vacation short, I love them with all my heart.


Stacey said...

Welcome home!! Life with little ones is always an adventure!

Andria said...

It's so true that littles ones are such hard work yet so rewarding at the same time!! It sounds like you made the best of the situation and that is what counts!!

PK and Doll said...

Megan I am so so glad to see that you are a blogger too!
don't worry I'll check back often, but Kyle and I sure would like to do something with you guys

Mary Croxford said...

Hey girl, You need to update! I am so glad you sacrificed more sleep and came back up to Bear Lake! You are such a great mommy and that little adventurous boy is so lucky to have you! He keeps us all on our toes but his enthusiasm for life is definately contagious. I sure love my little grandsons!


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