Friday, August 22, 2008

Congrats Beach Volleyballers!!!!!!

We are so excited for both USA teams that took home the gold in Beach Volleyball! We don't have TV here, so we haven't been able to watch most of the Olympics this time around. (It's been sad to miss so much! I think maybe next time we will temporarily get TV. We LOVE the Olympics!) But the one thing we haven't missed: beach volleyball, expecially Rogers/Dalhausser. We love these guys! Their quiet intensity on the court is amazing. They keep their cool so well, and they play together wonderfully. They are so much fun to watch. In case you didn't know already, volleyball is a big deal at our house. Wes and I both play, and Wes has 1 brother playing for BYU, and one former BYU player brother that is now living in Huntington Beach trying to get into the AVP. We are so proud of them both! Needless to say, volleyball is a big part of our lives. Last night, we dragged the kiddies to our friends the Riries' house (Kenny is Wes's v-ball partner) and lept them up until 11:15PM so we could watch the gold medal match. It was so very frustration to watch in the beginning, but in they end they stuffed Brazil so good that it was well worth it! Congrats Beach Volleyballers!! We love you!

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Andria said...

The Olympics are awesome!! It has been so fun to watch. But if you do get a TV just be prepared to stay up way too late every night watching!! It is addicting!


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