Sunday, September 7, 2008

Being Behind.....

I think it sucks how whenever you have something important some up in your life, you get to be behind in everything else, and be behind for awhile after it's over. Life just keeps moving on, whether you do or not, and if you don't keep moving it just moves along without you. I'm not complaining, just observing. I've always found that to be very interesting. Life moves on.

Anyway, we have still been crazy busy here. I have had to work on the potty training....again, since Kolton's routine was once again interrupted. I have around 5 weeks until we go to Disneyland, and I'm really hoping that it's done by then. Cross your fingers for me. It's still the poop thing that's hard. He just doesn't do it. I'm not worried, but I am sick of buying pull-ups. He's a very bright little boy, so I'm sure it'll come fast once it comes.

We began putting up our fence this weekend. Yes we. Due to time, Wes wasn't able to get adequate help in the beginning, so I ended up outside with him all day Friday, digging holes and moving rocks. My hands still aren't working right. But it was a good workout. And thank goodness for Tori Peterson! She came over with this heavy pole thing, and it really got the rocks out great! She also stayed and helped us. It was great to have an extra hand so I could sneak and check on our kids throughout the day. (Luckily, they took a HUGE nap - like 4 hours! Thanks heavens!) It took 5 1/2 hours to do the first 3 holes, and a little over 3 to do the last 5. We celebrated by going to one of our favorite places for dinner - Bajio in Draper (the one out here sucks). It was so delicious, especially after all that work! Yesterday, my dad, Wes's dad, and Wes's buddy, Sheldon, came over to help cement the poles in. It went pretty quickly, and the help was very much appreciated. Now the cement has to set for 3 days. Wes is hoping to finish, or start finishing, on Wednesday, since he gets off work around 5 that day. I'm crossing my fingers that all will go well. It will be soooooo nice to have some PRIVACY. And place to play with the kids and the dog without worrying about them wandering into the neighbors' yard. I am so glad I hung in there with the homeowner of that house! It took me over a year, but I finally got him to pitch in financially with it. I guess the moral of that story is never give up. It was worth it, because due to Josh's recent accident of falling in the window well and getting a staple in his head, I have decided we need some window well covers pronto. Then our yard will hopefully be pretty baby proofed. That will be soooo nice.

Our house is a disaster. I don't think I can even remember a time in our entire marriage that it's been this bad. It's not horribly cluttered (although it still is), but the DIRT! It's everywhere. Gross! Tori saved the day once again yesterday. She was looking for a job and we put her to work washing our filthy windows. It was so nice to wake up this morning and see outside! That's really how dirty they were. I am excited to finish the rest of the house. I want to get the carpets cleaned and do some touch ups and painting, along with the rest of my spring cleaning I never got around to. I was very overwhelmed a few days ago, but getting the windows done really helped me feel like I can do the rest, and very eager to do it. I have been sick all week, post stress I'm sure, but I am beginning to feel better and now I want our home to feel like its usual cozy, clean, organized self.

The sad part for me is that 3 of my adult rabbits will be gone this week. My does. I have loved so much having them around, earning a bit of extra money, and having little buddies to snuggle and play with. Kolton has sure loved it too. But with everything that's happened this summer, I have had to come to grips with the fact that everything has a season, and this is not the season for my Holland Lop breeding/showing. Every spare minute I've had has been spent cleaning the rabbits, and they've sat in their cages quite a bit more than normal lately. I know they're rabbits, an it's not that big of a deal, because they're getting taken care of, but I just can't worry about it anymore. The stress, time, and guilt that has begun to accumulate because of it has become too much. I am not calling it the end for me though. For one thing, my favorite rabbit, McKinley, the big daddy of all the litters I've had, hasn't sold yet. I paid top dollar for him and I'm not going to take less than that. I got it for my does, and he's the best rabbit I have. He's also my favorite as a pet, so I am tempted to keep him, although wasting his awesome genes on being a pet might not be the best idea. I'm going to feel it out and see what happens. I can't think about any of it too much right now because it makes me too sad. But when I get too sad I think about all the things that have gone on since I got them, and I just know I'm doing the right thing finding them a new home. They are going to another breeder, who is really into it, and really excited to luck out with such great rabbits (they really are). She has promised me some picks of the litters when I jump back in later on. Once my kids are old enough to do 4-H, we'll be back. Kolton really loves animals, possibly as much as I do, and I think that 4-H could be something really fun and fulfilling and bonding for us when he gets older. Micah too, of course. Anyway, I really am glad, even though it's bittersweet, because things really just have fallen into place. I've always noticed that when I listen to my heart, or the spirit, and follow it, things always seem to work themselves out, fairly quickly. Things just fall into place and I feel very peaceful about my decisions. That's always been a huge comfort to me in my life.
Wes is happy, he didn't want to put the rabbits in the yard, although he would've let me if it came to that. I think it will be good to wait until our yard is bigger...a lot bigger....and I will have my backyard farm at that point. I really don't think it's too far away. This time in my life with little kids is just blowing by, and I want to soak up every bit of it I can. I know I'll miss it.
One a lighter note, Wes is getting an extra paycheck this month, and we hare hoping to do some more to our basement with it. We need to paint everything, and then we'll have all the doors and trim put in, and finish off the electrical work. Then we'll treat the cement while we're saving for carpet, and hang some blinds in the windows. I am excited! It's going to be fun, and so nice to have the extra space. I'm also going to work on the kitchen, which needs tons of help, and Micah's room. We are also thinking about getting Kolton a bigger bed, so we can move Micah to a toddler bed in a few more months. 2 big boys! I just can't believe how fast they are growing! Anyway, we'll be busy here for awhile, but a good busy. We can do what we can when we can, and that will be good. I think it will help us fall into our autumn routine, just in time for Disneyland. That will be nice.
Speaking of Disneyland, I have decided that I want to be pretty close to my goal weight, if not already there, by then. It's the only deadline I can really think of, and it will be fun to pack skinny clothes, and not be too embarrassed to have pictures. I don't think we have one family picture because I have been so disgusted with my weight. It will be nice to finally have one. So, I will continue my workouts with Wes, and I will be adding in running. I've been running with MacKenzie a Kristi a bit, and I'd like to make that more consistent. Anyone's invited who wants to come. We go around 8:30 at night. I think I'll also try to sneak a few other things in there, for speedy weight loss sake, not permanently, but to get me to my goal faster. I'm really pumped! Sage will love it too - I've been taking her running and walking with me most of the time. Eating healthy has been such a breeze this time. I think something clicked somewhere, but I don't really stress eat much anymore. I think knitting helps. But it's been great. I do feel great when I exercise, but it doesn't even compare to how good I feel when I eat right. The hard part is that I don't have too many recipes that are healthy. I have many tasty ones, but most are like once-a-week kind of fattening. So if you have any great tasting, healthy recipes, please share them with me! I would appreciate it so much!
The garden also helps for healthy eating. It's so much fun to eat what I harvest. I just planted peas, spinach, lettuce, and carrots for the fall. I am considering a few other crops, and my chard is still producing like crazy. I think fall crops will be my favorite. The same a spring, but longer lasting. There's really nothing better than fresh-grown lettuce and spinach. Nothing even comes close! Seriously, if you've never planted a fall crop before, plant one! I will help you. You won't regret it. You'll never skip the fall again. I also read about a very simple solution for my squash bug problem that I will try next year - marigolds! I was reading about that the other day, and then I realized that my marigolds died the same time the neighbor's yard was put in. (the yard guy accidentally hacked them off). Double-whammy. Now that I know, I don't think they'll have a chance next year! I can't wait to see if it works! Also, I am excited because the Square Foot Gardening Foundation is coming out with a teacher certification DVD next month. I am going to be fisrt in line to get it. Then I'll really boost my gardening knowledge, and I can teach classes and earn a little extra money for our debt payoff plan. I am very excited!
Well, I can tell this post is already too long, so I will save the rest for another day. Thanks for reading, and happy Sunday to all. I am so grateful I have such wonderful family and friends that read what I write. I love to read all your blogs, too. Blogging is such a blessing.


Michelle said...

I LOVED reading this post. It's nice to know that others feel the same that I do. I would love to run with you guys. I've been going in the mornings and some evenings and it is sooo boring going alone! Good job on the exercise etc. You look great! Good job on your garden too. Isn't it the best to eat out of it!?!

Mackenzie said...

Hey! I just saw your cute husband this morning when I went to fill a prescription. You have such a great little family.

Let's talk and figure out running times this week. I am excited to keep on it!

Andria said...

It was fun to read this post!! It's nice to know I am not the only one who gets behind!! I think it is just about keeping life in perspective!!


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