Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finally A Break!

Last night I talked to Wes and we decided that since things have been so busy the last month or so, the boys deserved to have some days just for them. So today is one of those days. I am so excited! I made the boys breakfast, and then Kolton asked to watch his current favorite movie, "The Fox and the Hound." Micah is still eating, but he usually takes a quick morning snooze, which I am going to let him do with me in my bed today. We'll have to see how the day unfolds, but the current plan is ot meet uncle Andrew at Color Me Mine later on. Kolton is way excited for that! And of course, we've gotta play with Chance the puppy! Kolton sat on the couch for over and hour holding him yesterday, and he had a fit when I had to tear him away at dinnertime. I am soooo glad he loves him so much! Chance is such a little jewel. Two full nights sleep, and no accidents! What more could a puppy owner ask for?
I also have got to get the potty thing done.....Disneyland is in 3 weeks! I would be so tickled if I didn't have to worry about it there! I really think Kolton is ready. Yesterday, he actually tried really hard to go poop in the potty. We gave him an incentive: poop in the potty, go to Jungle Jim's. It's going to work, I just know it. I'm so proud of my little guy! Micah is starting to take his diaper off, so I hope it doesn't mean I'll be starting over with him. I'm getting there on the schedule, I'll have to see how he does when we're 100% in that area. It should make it easier either way.
Also, Wes is almost done with the fence! He was out there until 10:30 or so last night, and he came in 30 screws short of finished! Bummer! But I am so proud of him, and so happy that we are finally proud owners of a fully fenced yard! We've already enjoyed the yard so much more. Next year, the backyard will be my project. I'm going to plant trees, flowers, toys, and everything else I can think of! We finally broke in the fire pit with Joseph and his girlfriend, Maddy on Sunday and it was great. Kolton hated it, and stayed inside crying, but I think he'll come around. I was really fun. I need to get more seating, and a few more marshmallow sticks, and some tinfoil dinner recipes.
I can believe fall is already here! My maple tree is peaking right now, and my gardening group says they are in the mountains too. I guess it's time to go for a drive. Horseback riding sound even better right now, in the fall leaves. I just love nature, and I love the changing seasons!
Well, Kolton just came in and I think he wants to play with the puppy. Wish us luck on our day of fun!

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