Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Am Tired

I am not usually one to complain about being tired. Given the craziness and chaos of the last month, and even the last week, I will make an exception. I want to go to bed at 10:30 again. I can't even remember the last time I went to bed that early. Last night, Wes forgot to close Kolton's door before we went to bed. 2 AM rolls around and I hear, "Mommy, where are you?" out in the hall. Of course I had to answer, and within 10 seconds he was on top of me in my bed. He literally likes to sleep on top of me when he sleeps with me, which is why is doesn't happen as often as we'd both like. He's a tummy sleeper, and he likes to sleep on his tummy, on top of me, snuggled up. Although it's very sweet, and a nice snuggle that will end all too soon, it's hard to breathe, hot, and uncomfortable. Needless to say, I laid there awake until around 3:30. The I tried to "sneak" him in his bed. Yeah right. He wouldn't have that. So I told him he could sleep in our room if he slept in the portacrib, which I had to get from the basement and set up next to my bed. Next thing I know, he's climbing all over it, kicking, squirming, drinking my water (he is known to steal my water and use it to get himself all wet) and just not sleeping. Finally, at 5 AM, he fell asleep. He slept until my dear, sweet husband's alarm went off at 7, which he snoozed 3 times. (his alarm is so very irritating to me - nails on a chalkboard irritating! I swear I need to buy us a nice alarm clock, so I don't have to listen to that icky alarm anymore!) Needless to say, not only was he awake by then, but so were both the boys. You'd think that a night that dragged by like that one would mean I'd feel a little more rested. Nope. I get nauseated and achy when I'm too tired, so I don't feel to hot right now. The worst part is, our favorite band, Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, is doing a concert at Thanksgiving Point tonight, and I still haven't found a babysitter. Our house is a mess, I need to go grocery shopping, I need to finish planting my fall crops, and I desperately need to go clothes shopping, as I am wearing a lot of my clothes out. I have so much work to do, it's not even funny. It wouldn't be that big of a deal to me, except that I am so tired I don't even want to think about it. I will definitely have to find time to take a snooze today, which will be near impossible since the boys take turns being awake all day. I really need to work on that, because I miss having a break to get things done during the day, and so does my house! But, on the flip side, the laundry is caught up, and the neighbor boys are coming to clean out our window wells today. I will be sooooo happy when that's done. All of this chaos of napping at weird times and not staying in bed is a testament to me that I really, really need to create a schedule for myself and the boys, which I really don't want to do. But I think if I create a schedule and stick to it for a week or two, after that everyone will have adapted and I won't have to be so rigid. I really want some time alone with my hubby too. It's been a year since we've gone overnight somewhere, and I'm itching for a little getaway. I will have to see what I can work out, and maybe make that my goal for sticking to my new schedule. That would definitely be something I would make myself work for. I really do so much better with goals and incentives for myself. This one really might help me got into fall mode. We'll see....until then, this is a very sleepy mom calling on her supermom powers to keep her awake, patient, productive, and happy. I hope she's awake and ready to help me.

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Stacey said...

I am so sorry! Those days can be so hard!


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