Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day One at Disneyland

The next morning we were off to the Magic Kingdom! Everyone was sooo excited! As an added bonus to all the fun, Wes's brother, Bryan, met us there and spent our first day at Disneyland with us. Kolton thought he'd died and gone to heaven. Both those boys just love their uncles, and Bryan is a really good uncle. :) Here is Kolton and Bryan heading into the park. Kolton just couldn't wait for everyone to be ready and loaded into strollers, so he and Bryan went ahead. We caught up quickly, of course. He was so cute! He didn't know what to think. He just knew he was on a mission to find Disneyland!Micah really enjoyed the extra space in the stroller without Kolton there. He was tired, but he definitely sensed something was up, and he wasn't about to miss it by falling asleep! He was pretty cheerful considering everything. (I love the way he puts his hand behind his head when he's tired! Kolton does it too. I think it will be one of those cute little things I will always remember.) One of Kolton's all-time favorite rides whenever we go anywhere is the merry-go-round. Especially the horses. (My boy is an animal lover like me already!) Here is a picture of our first ride on one. I think we rode this one 3 or 4 times total, plus the dolphin one in California Adventure. He was sure delighted to have Uncle Bryan next to him. It gave me a little more picture time on the first day. (Thanks Bryan!)
Micah doesn't love the merry-go-round like Kolton. But he does enjoy it once he gets used to it. It takes a few times around. He's always smiling by the end. But his face was classic in this picture. (Micah is the king of funny faces in our family.)
This was another highlight of the trip for Kolton. Just about every single ride, every single line, almost the entire wait, for the entire day, Bryan held Kolton while he walked up and down the railings. He didn't rush him, he held him tight, and Kolton ate up every second of it. He still talks about is all the time, and is now obsessed with walking on railings, curbs, lines, whatever. How sweet of Uncle Bryan to slow down life enough to create such a fun moment for him. I think he will treasure it forever. (I should've snapped more pictures of this, but I didn't. Bryan seemed to enjoy is as much as Kolton. I think he's concentrating on holding Kolton in this picture, hence the serious expression.)

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