Monday, October 27, 2008

Day Two of Our Vacation - Doheney Beach

We decided to spend a day at the beach while we were there. It was torturous for me to watch the surfers and not join in. I love surfing! But this beach was not the best place to take a bunch of little kids, and I had my hands full just chasing them around. But it was fun nonetheless. There's nothing like the beach.

Here are Joshie and Kolton buried to their waists. I didn't dare go any higher. They loved it and kept climbing back in the hole after I dug them out. Cute boys!It's always a thrill for me to see the wildlife wherever we go. Being the animal lover I am, it's always fun to see all the different animals. There were TONS of pelicans, and seagulls too. We fed them goldfish and raisins. The kids loved it and really enjoyed chasing them away when the whole flock was on the ground. It was quite a sight.Cute Melinda and Jesse goofing off in the sand. They both have such cute smiles!I was chasing this little bug most of the time. He LOVES the sand. He likes to eat it, throw it, dig in it, and especially run in it! He really loved the sand on the volleyball court since it's always so soft. Volleyball anyone? Watch out! This kid's got a mean jump serve! ;)

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