Monday, October 27, 2008

More of Day One

One really nice surprise was that the boys fell asleep in their stroller every single day we were there. We'd use that time to eat a good meal, ride some "adult rides" or just walk around and enjoy the peace and quiet. I just love how they look when they sleep; like little angels.

Wes and Bryan really liked the teacups. I loved that because I grew up thinking all men hated them. My dad gets sick riding them, and I remember watching all the dads watching the moms and kids ride them. I was really surprised when they hopped on and had a jolly ol' time!

Micah love, love, LOVED the teaups. It was definitely one of his favorites. He like to spin really fast. That surprised me because I wouldn't think a kids so little would think that's fun. But he sure did!
Kolton liked them a lot too. This was probably one of his faves too. It was fun to have a ride where we could all sit together. (It was a tight squeeze with the 2 tall guys, but we did manage to all fit in one teacup. Impressed?)

This was another ride we all got to do together. It's in the kiddie land in California Adventure. They boys both loved it. Micah did a lot of squirming and crying before the ride started (on lots of rides) but he's always settle down and have fun when it would start moving.


Stacey said...

CUTE picture of the kids sleeping! Mark can't stand the teacups, they make him sick!

Andria said...

Sounds like a successful day!! I love the sleeping kids. That is how you know you did it right!!


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