Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Disney Vacation

We finally took a real vacation. It was long overdue. And it was a total blast. We went with my family down to California, and did the beach and Disneyland. Yes, all the little ones came. And we are all still alive.

First we drove to Vegas to sleep there. We figured 10 hours of driving in one day would be way too much with all those little people. Especially because 3 of them are potty training right now. So, we set off on Thursday as soon as Jesse got home from school. We all arrived in Vegas late that night, crashed, woke up, and took off. My parents rented a house in Huntington Beach instead of a hotel. I really liked it, I thought everyone got a lot more privacy that way. Plus, there were bikes in the garage, a hot tub in the backyard, and a park right down the street. Who needs Disneyland when the beach is just down the road? (Just kidding, Mom ;) Anyway, here is the house we stayed in. It was a cute house in a darling neighborhood. I loved all the trees, of course.
After we arrived, we decided to take everyone to the park down the street. I had my hands completely full playing with kids and climbing trees, so I didn't get any pictures. But I did get a cute picture of baby Abby on the way over. She's growing so fast!

What a little doll she is! She was really good for the whole trip. She's such a delightful, easygoing baby. We all love her so much already.
Anyway, that first day we unwound from drving for 2 days. It was fun and relaxing. We did a little grocery shopping and went to bed early so we'd be prepared for the next few days.

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