Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Fun

I forgot my camera on Halloween. What kind of mother am I? We sure had a lot of fun. Wes had the day off. We played with the boys most of the day. We carved pumpkins. I tried a new soup recipe and we had soup in pumpkin bread bowls. The boys love that. We headed to Wes' parents' house for dinner. His mom had the cutest Halloween dinner ever! We had a meatloaf shaped like a bat, mashed potatoes and gravy that were ghosts sitting all over the gravy, and yummy Brussels sprouts. (You've gotta know how to cook those or their gross.) I couldn't get the boys to eat much because they were too excited to trick-or-treat. We decided to hang around for a bit and trick-or-treat with Wes' family. His sisters are 8 and 9, so they are at that age...... His brothers, Andrew and Joseph came also. And of course, my future sister-in-law, Ashley. We had a lot of fun. We couldn't believe how warm it was. What a nice change from the norm. Rain instead of snow. Wonderful. It was a beautiful night, and the boys had tons of fun. Kolton was a diehard. He got the concept really fast. Micah wanted to walk in everyone's houses. After trick-or-treating and breaking our stroller, we decided to head back home and let all the little ones enjoy some time together. They loved "scaring" the ghost at my mom's. she has this little electric ghost that makes sounds and moves up and down a line hanging across the driveway. They loved that. They were wild. All on a sugar high. It was a blast. All in all, it was a great holiday. I'm so bummed I forgot my camera! Next time I will remember. But luckily for me, the boys want to put on their dinosaur costumes every day. That made sewing them totally worth it. They are really enjoying them. (I think it's time to throw together a dress up bin.) So here are some pictures I took last night.Here is a picture of them running around the house in their costumes. I have seen this every single day since Halloween. I love it! (By the way, thanks Mariann for helping me with those nasty pattern directions. I would've sewn the hoods shut if you weren't there to help me! I owe you one. ;) Micah's hood looks funny because for some odd reason, he loves to pull it crooked. Right when it goes on, every time. I'm just happy he wore it all all. This kid hates hats.
I love my big scary dinosaurs. They are so very precious. Holidays with kids are so special and fun and memorable!

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Stacey said...

I love the costumes! You did a great job.


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