Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Disneyland Fun

I had to throw in one picture of the candy corn gardens at California Adventure! I loved them, and I might have to steal their idea for our fall decorating next year. Disneyland in the fall was beautiful too. There were all different colors and varieties of mums and marigolds. Fall colors everywhere. There were also pumpkins of all the Disney characters, and a giant pumpkin of Mickey Mouse. He was darling! This Disney characters also were running around in their Halloween costumes. It was a really fun time of year to go!
This is one of the only pics with me in it. I'm usually taking the pictures and can get out of it. But Wes took this one, and I think he did a good job! Kolton loved the fire truck. We stopped by it just about every day while everyone took turns in the potty. (Yes, potty training all 3 older boys continues with much success while we were there. Yeah boys!)
Gotta have a picture by the entrance. I wanted to get one with just our little family, but it was well over 90 degrees this day and we melted waiting for this one. Micah wouldn't even look because the sun was so bright. I bet it's fun to see everyone grow and change each time you go back and get another one of these pictures.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip. Favorite moment too! Kolton and Micah shared and ice cream cone on the really hot day. Kolton shared it all by himself without being asked. I loved it! They seem like they are really growing to love and enjoy each other so much these past few weeks. The close gap is finally beginning to pay off. Aren't they sweet?

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Stacey said...

Your boys are so sweet, I love the candy corns too! Disney thinks of everything! When we went at Christmas it was so beautifully decorated! You look so pretty in the picture on the fire truck!


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