Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Pixar Parade

Here's all the kiddies waiting for the parade to begin. They do the cutest parade with the Pixar characters in California Adventure. They loved it. They all know the characters better, so it was really fun. They were so excited!
Oh boy! Lightning McQueen is a favorite in our house. All the kids couldn't believe they saw him in real life! They were starstruck!
Kolton's face when he saw Lightning McQueen. Classic.
Micah watching the parade with his cute little thumb in his mouth (do we know him any other way? I tried not to worry too much about all the germs he came in contact with because of the thumb. Luckily we were able to keep his hand clean enough that he stayed pretty healthy!). He watched the parade a little further back with Wes. He did NOT like the squirting water. None of the kids did, but Micah the least. He had a lot more fun further back. What a doll!
I loved the parade too. The costumes were great! The neat little extras were amazing! They had these guys on special stunt stilts, and they were jumping 10 feet or so in the air! (Wes is crusading for them for his birthday. He's such a kid at heart. I love it.) I couldn't resist snapping a pic of this guy when he turned and posed for me.

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