Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin'

We took the boys to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. They had a ball. I always look forward to the pumpkin patch. There's nothing like seeing hundreds and hundreds of big orange pumpkins everywhere you look. It's classic. The boys went nuts. They ran around everywhere. They picked up the pumpkins, rode in the wheelbarrow, sampled fresh produce, and just had a ball.
Okay, I tried uploading different picture sizes and locations. Obviously it didn't work. Someone needs to show me how. I loved Kolton's face in this one. It's all scrunched up because he's trying to pick up the pumpkin all by himself. He's Mr. Independent lately. It's so cute.
The highlight of the night for Micah of course! He loved the pumpkin patch too, but it was love at first sight when he saw the tractor. He was such a little doll. He waited so patiently for Kolton to have a turn. Then he went crazy making noises and driving. He just loves anything with wheels!
All of my attempts for a family picture were in vain. But I love my little Micah's face in this one. He's usually pulling a weird face at the camera. I think he was still trying to figure out is he liked the straw.
I've been attempting to take more pics of the two of us. I noticed the other day that the only pics we have of the two of us are our wedding and engagement photos. Sad! (I don't think we have a family picture either. It's about time I think.) We had fun. This is one of our little traditions every fall. One we will continue for a long time to come. Gotta love the pumpkin patch.

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