Monday, April 6, 2009

Kolton's Birthday Party

Kolton had his family birthday party today. It was so fun! Boy oh boy was he excited! Here is a picture of his cake. He was absolutely insistent upon Lightning McQueen. Little did I realize that the pattern was 6 different colors using the same 2 tips in each color. I only had one of each, and it wasn't too much fun using the tip, cleaning it, switching it, cleaning that, switching mom who've made this cake know what I'm talking about. But boy howdy did it turn out cute! He was so happy. So worth it! (PS - can you see what's wrong in here? This is for you, MacKenzie! My brain was so fried after all the switching and cleaning that I spelled "Birthday wrong! My dear, sweet hubby didn't point it out until after I'd rinsed leftover frosting down the drain. Oh well, what do you do?)3 generations of Stewart boys. All the same bright smile.
Sweet baby Abby taking it all in. She is such a darling, easygoing little gal. She loved eating the wrapping paper and watching the action all around her. Kolton was all over unwrapping presents this year! Man oh man that boy was on a mission! He sure loved all the fun gifts he got. Thanks everyone!
I didn't take this picture, so it's a little our of focus. Our camera is kinda tricky. But I had to post so you could get a look at these cheeks. Classic! (notice the tantruming Micah in the background)
We had so much fun! Thanks to everyone who came! Kolton definitely had a Happy Birthday!


Andria said...

What an awesome cake!!! I really wish I knew how to make a cool cake!!! Kolton is sure a cutie!!

Mackenzie said...

Looks like a super fun birtday party!!! I am impressed at your cake decorating skills. Amazing.
We climb tomorrow!!

Kristina and Tyson said...

Happy Birthday to Kolton!!! Wow, Megan, that cake looks amazing! Way to go, on being the best mom around for giving him such a fun birthday party! Crazy to see how all your family is growing up and getting so big!


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