Thursday, February 17, 2011

my number one

Tonight, I got some special one-on-one time with Wes. 

Since I have been nursing, this has been impossible.  So, now that Jonah is nearly weaned, we decided to see how he would do with one of our regular sitters.  Lucky for us, it was a success.  Jonah's kind of a Mommy's boy, but he sure seemed to love our sitter too!  I LOVED coming home to her playing on the floor with him while he was giggling and totally engaged in what she was doing.  She is a fabulous sitter and I'm so glad we found her.  :)

We decided to go to the mall and find Wes some clothes.  The poor guy has so much trouble shopping ad finally wore a hole through his last pair of jeans.  He HATES shopping, but he's extremely picky and returns most of what I buy him, so he really needs to shop himself.

Lucky for us, we figured out recently that it's not neccessarily shopping in small doses that he hates, but shopping with the kids.  He had a lot of success tonight, and I was so glad.  And it was fun watching him try things on. ;)  My husband has a pretty cute butt in those jeans he bought tonight haha!

I was so happy to get some time with him.  I really feel lucky and blessed that we enjoy each other so much.  We really are best friends and I feel so happy when I am with him.  My husband is my number one and my best friend and I don't know how I would handle my life if he didn't love me back.

He is so amazing.  I don't know how he always seems to know what I need, but he is very perceptive and dependable.  It seems that sometimes he knows what I need before I do, and I'm so grateful for that.  Especially lately when I haven't been feeling well and I've been in a semi-permanent brain fog.  He just takes charge and takes care of things.  Tonight before we went out, he took the boys to the Dinosaur museum and I had a few hours to myself to do some laundry, out our house back together, and just have some peace and quiet.  (I love being in a house full of boys, but sometimes the noise level is a little too much for me.  I don't usually notice until it's quiet again and it feels so relaxing.) I appreciate so much his love and caring for me and our children, and his desire and willingness to be such an active part in our family.

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