Thursday, February 17, 2011

notes to self:

- I need to remember to turn in Micah's preschool registration tomorrow....and try not to cry again about the fact that he is growing up way too fast.

- I need to call my cardiologist and make sure I know what the red flags are that I need to get in sooner....I kind of wonder if I am experiencing them

- Wes and I need to escape the stress for a few hours and go on a date this Saturday.  I need to make sure I line up a sitter

- I need to get some video of Jonah's crawling backwards.  Cutest.  Thing.  Ever.

- Kolton is grounded from Donkey Kong for throwing a tantrum at my mom's today when I made the boys turn off the Wii and come to eat dinner.  I need to figure out how to establish some ground rules for playing Wii away from home.

- Micah and I have a date to play Geotrax tomorrow.  I'm sure I will need to be adding AAA batteries to my shopping list afterwards.  I also might want to get him and his trains on video some while I've got the camcorder out.

- I need to call the library.  WHY is it so hard for me to keep all the library books straight?  I swear, I pay half the librarian's salaries every year.  Good thing I seem to get my money's worth.

- Our tax return is coming tomorrow and we can FINALLY get a good camera and pay off Jonah's hospital bills. 

- My mom and I need to figure out - again - how we are going to do Joyschool since we still haven't been able to get it going since Christmas.  What a crazy couple months!

- Either I seem to sleep a little better when I go to bed early, or I'm so exhausted every other night from the night before that I fall asleep earlier and sleep a little deeper.

- I need to start taking some Prilosec to see if it helps with my gasping at night.

- I am SO glad I went with my gut feeling to change doctors.  I'm hoping this one will be the keeper.

- I need to think of a few more recipes that feature cooked veggies until I can muster up the courage to face my fears and eat raw again.

- I promised the boys we'd make cookies tomorrow.  I should whip out my camera for that one.

-"Surrendering" to life is really hard sometimes.  I need to get better at doing it.

- Gratitude journaling really helps me feel better.  So does praying.  So does writing.

- My laundry is going to stay 17 loads behind until I am feeling better.  And despite my OCD-ness about it, I'm going to have to let Wes help me with it now and then if we're going to have clean clothes while I'm sick.

- Wes really likes to go to bed early.  And he hates to be late to anything.

- The boys have almost earned Jungle Jim's on their sticker charts.  I need to remember not to forget (no pun intended)

- We should utilize Thanksgiving Point more often.  We all love it.

- I should call MacKenzie and set up a sewing night.  I hope I'm not too much farther behind on our quilt blocks than she is.  Either way, I could use a girls' night in.  :)

- Our spinach and carrots are ready for harvesting.  I should get the composter turning too.

- I love Wes' smile.  And the way he lets me jump right into his arms when he gets home from work.

- We have our temple recommend interviews on Sunday, so I need to remember to bring an extra snack for the boys to have during interviews after church.  SO excited to go to the temple with Wes next week.  :)

- I want to think of something I can do for my parents.  They have helped me SO much lately.

- The kittens need baths this weekend.  And possibly their claws clipped if I can get away with it.

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