Thursday, March 3, 2011

cute kitties

I didn't used to be a cat person.

But living out in the boonies where we do, I've come to really appreciate and even love cats.  Especially mine.

We really need cats out here.  If anyone wants to know what the best pest control is, I can tell you many things my kitties have brought me that don't belong in my yard or garden.  I am so thankful for that.

But these kitties, Whiskers and Jack, whom the boys earned from their summer goals this past year, are seriously the best cats ever.  Here's why:

 Do you think Jonah likes cats? (excuse the raw shots, I haven't figures out how to manually set my camera yet, and I haven't even begun to figure out editing yet, although I'm looking forward to it.)

 Jack is every bit as much fun as Whiskers.  And he's one heck of a jumper.

 And he also enjoys a good pat or snuggle whenever he can get one.

 Whiskers definitely doesn't let Jack have all the fun.  Boy is she a girl with a mission!

 Jonah was absolutely smitten by Whiskers.  He was fascinated.

 I love that these kitties LOVE kids.

Whiskers loves babies.  Can you tell?  She kept giving Jonah kisses yesterday....

 This was Jonah's delighted face every time he received a kiss from Whiskers.

I love this boy's green eyes.

We have enjoyed these little sweethearts so much!  And hopefully we will for many years to come.

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