Tuesday, March 22, 2011

more doctor's orders i'm ignoring

After yesterday's fiascos and the horrible night's rest I got once again, I decided that I just can't go one more day without some exercise.  I haven't been too diligent about yoga yet, but part of that is because when in the world, of not at the crack of dawn, do I do yoga with three rowdy little boys in my house?  Some days I can't even hear myself think, let alone listen to Rodney Yee's calm voice telling me to inhale and exhale and do a downward-facing dog.

I signed up for this bike race back in January when I thought I was just stressed out and needed some outlets.  I was really excited.  Then, I kind of let the idea go when every doctor I went to told me not to exercise, but that I could do yoga.  (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE yoga, but it's not the same as exercise to me most of the time.)  I let the bike race fall by the wayside and decided that it would happen again next year and I would participate then.

Last night, I had a couple pretty extensive conversations with a couple of relatives after the boys were in bed.  They both stressed the importance of exercise for anxiety (anxiety has been by far the WORST part of having autoimmune thyroid disease).  I decided that when I drop my portable EKG machine back to the cardiologist this morning, I will be asking him if I can exercise moderately if I wear a heart monitor. 

No matter what he says, I am going to exercise.

I feel better just thinking about it.  Wes took my bike for a tune-up recently and he's been taking Jonah for a few rides in the trailer.  He loves it, and the big boys are big enough to ride alongside him (within reason of course).  Biking is something I can do with my boys, until I am given the green light to do kettlebells again.  I think I will try to rock climb a little here and there too....it's very therapeutic for me and is really something I love.  No matter how good or bad my climbs are, I always feel inspired, fulfilled, and full of joy and accomplishment when I'm done. 

Wes and I also decided that I am going to go ahead and try NAET for allergies and see if it helps at all.  I kind of wonder if allergies/intolerances are another one of those "little things" that really are a big deal.  What if taking care of my allergies improved my thyroid function?  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  What if it didn't?  I could still eat and go outside and be around dogs without having to carry an inhaler and an Epipen.  Regardless of the outcome for the autoimmune disease (and I have a strong feeling it will help), eliminating or reducing allergies would just make my life better anyway.  :)

I have to keep telling myself that doctors are just making educated guesses and I know my body best.  I will be careful.  I think I will notice right away if it will help.  If all it does is help me sleep, it would be worth it!

Here's to hoping and bigger muscles.  Wish me luck.

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