Tuesday, March 1, 2011

one man band

Wes and I decided to take the boys out to a local diner.  The boys loved using the phone at our table to call in the order, and they loved even more the free hot chocolate refills!  I loved taking my new toy out for the first time.  I've got a lot to learn since I don't know a whole lot about color photography, but it feel so good to have a camera around my neck again.  :)

 I love how little babies look in the restaurant high chairs....doesn't he just melt your heart?

 This boy melts my heart too.

 I know this isn't a picture of the diner, but Micah wouldn't give me a good one today.  I thought I'd throw one up of how he looks all the time right now.  This is what he does all day every day....seriously.  Nothing quite like trains for Micah.  He sleeps with them, carries them around in a train backpack, gets up and plays with them in the morning while I fix breakfast, and happily plays with them unless I pull him away to leave or eat.  Trains, trains, trains!
There's nothing I love more than this handsome guy.  I still get weak in the knees when I look at him. 

I really just couldn't get enough of this little guy today.  He was SO proud of himself...sitting in the highchair like a big boy.  Wes gave him a few bites of his pancakes and he loved them.  He's definitely a good eater!

I just love those baby blues!

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