Thursday, March 3, 2011

plans have already been tweaked....

I know I just put up our tentative "get healthy" plan for me, but it has already been tweaked.  Just a little, and it's a good thing. 

Last night, I went and slept at a sleep lab, which was NOT fun.  Hopefully none of you will ever know what it's like.  But, Wes really thought it was something that needed to be done, even if it was just for peace of mind.  We'll get my scores back next week and see how I did.  Hopefully I'm good in that department.  Cross your fingers for me. 

This morning, I had my heart ultrasound, or echocardiogram.  Everything looked good, which was a huge relief and gave us both a lot of encouragement with the route we have decided to take.  We've definitely got some time, which is good.  I'm so thankful for a healthy heart.

This afternoon, I had a much-anticipated appointment with a local natural health practitioner.  He's really amazing and really intuitive.  He's actually the one who alerted me to a thyroid problem 2 years ago, but I could never get any doctors to confirm it until now.  He gave me a little checkup and read over the health assesment he had me fill out.  He gave me a lot of hope and encouragement, which was exactly what I needed.

He told me that he really liked my Illinois doctor, and that he agreed with her about both the gut dysbiosis and about my having Hashimoto's and not Graves' disease.  It can flip back and forth from hypo to hyperthyroid sometimes as it slowly burns itself out.  Apparently, I'm in the hyper stage, which is why I'm having all the anxiety and insomnia, among other things, but also why my symptoms don't completely match up with how I am always cold and have had to work really hard to get back to my normal weight (almost).

He also said he had a gut feeling that there was something missing, and that all of this might not be as serious as it appears to be.  He thinks my hormones are off, which I would consider pretty normal after having a baby, and he said that there's a strong link between those hormones, digestion, and thyroid issues....and anxiety (who'da thunk right?)  He sent me home with a few herbal supplements, one for each problem (thyroid, hormones, digestion) and told me I should start feeling better within a week, and that I should notice a HUGE difference in 2-3 weeks.  He said to come back then and then may be the time to follow the GF protocol, but that it was really expensive and bothersome if I didn't need it (yes my fingers and toes are crossed for this one).  He also said that when my mind was quiet, then I could begin to exercise.  He also agreed with the not eating raw right now....lightly cooked is easier to digest.

So, the new tentative plan is to put the GF and pre/probiotics and such on hold for a few weeks, but to stick to the rest of the plan Wes and I created, adding these new supplements in place of the dysbiosis protocol.  Keep me in your prayers, keep your fingers crossed for me, and wish us luck!  I feel like a huge burden has lifted already....I've been finding the right people to help me, and I'm going to get through this.  I am so thankful for this tender mercy that was sent to me the very minute I needed it. 

So, here's to faith, hope, and to more "tender mercies" along the way.

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