Monday, March 28, 2011

some books i am reading right now

I love, love, LOVE to read.  I always have.  There's just something magical about opening the window into another world and being enlightened by it that pulls me in every time.  I learn and soak in so much from every book.  I always read several books simultaneously.  It's like I can't wait to finish one before I start the other.  Fiction or non-fiction, children's, adult,'s all wonderful to me.  I am really getting into a few books right now:

This one is written by a new friend who shares some of the same health challenges as I do. She is also a big believer in the healing power of food.  It's interesting and inspiring stuff. (Wes is actually rather fascinated with this one too.  We share a passion for health, fitness, and nutrition.) I can't wait to try some recipes!

This one is also written by some people I know and admire.  They are two of the warmest, most humble, uplifting people I have ever met.  Every time I talk to them or see them speak, I come away so fed and inspired.  This book is such a phenomenal read!  I am always looking for books to teach me better parenting skills.  I can never learn or read or talk enough about how to be a better mom.  I loved the spiritual tie-ins also....books regarding faith and parenting seem to be hard to find.

This next book is also very fascinating.  I actually found it at the grocery store the other day (can you tell I'm a book addict?  I can find a book I want to read anywhere.  I'm a bookaholic.) and it was too hard to resist.  I love books that make you think deep.  I love books that motivate me to change and teach me things - even simple things.  This book is a very interesting and fun read:

This last book I'm reading right now is very dear to my heart.  You know how some books you love for a long time are like old friends?  This book is one of those for me.  I've owned this book since I was in junior high, and I've read it almost every year, up until the last few.  It's been really comforting and peaceful to read amidst so many things I am dealing with that seem to bury me in stress and discouragement.  This book is like an old friend giving me a hug.  And it's a really easy read.  Added bonus:  this one fits great in my purse and I take it along with me often.  The chapters are only a couple pages each, so I can read one while waiting at the doctor's office pretty easily (since unfortunately that seems to be a place I'm frequenting right now).  If you haven't read this book, I guarantee you'll love it - even if you don't normally like to read.

Maybe I love writing so much because of how much I love reading.  I think it's a really incredible way for many people to be touched by one (or more) something that someone else has to share to better your life or make you a better person.  Books are like old friends that you just met.  I have never sat down to read and then regretted taking the time to do it later on.  I just love curling up in my papasan chair with a little back of chocolates to suck on, a blanket, and a book.  I could go on and on and on.  But seriously, if you are looking for some good reads, check these babies out.  They won't disappoint.  Happy reading!

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