Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I wish so much I'd had more control over my camcorder or even my camera tonight. 
Tonight was Kolton and Micah's first t-ball game.

And man alive was it ever fun to watch!  Those two little ragamuffins melted my heart when they stepped up to bat, and even more as they valiantly (along with every other kid on their team) went after every ball that was hit. 

I loved the way Kolton beamed when he finally got to be the one in the outfield who actually got the ball.  He was so proud, and so was I.  I still can't believe how very fleeting childhood is....even more so when you are the mom.  I wish I could just freeze time sometimes.  My little babies are growing up so fast.

Jonah is in the thick of some major teething, and screamed all day today.  I was hoping he might have worn himself out before the game tonight, but no such luck.  He screamed and cried the entire time.  I was one busy mommy running around the bases with Micah (who would only play when I was with him), wrestling the squirming, grumpy baby in my arms, while trying to keep an eye on Kolton who kept checking to see if I was watching him and even smiled and waved several times in the process.  I loved it all, but no way (especially without Wes, who worked the PM shift today) did I have room (or arms) for any kind of camera.

But those sweet images will be etched forever in my heart.

I love being mommy of three little boys.

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