Friday, April 1, 2011


Today is a wonderful day so far!  We had a picnic breakfast outside in the sunshine.  Jonah us down for a nap and the big boys have been delightedly playing with this:

Then the doorbell rang, and these babies arrived.  The boys were in hog heaven.  Especially Kolton.
Man alive we are excited for butterflies around here!

Today, we are going to play outside in the gorgeous weather we are having today!  Then I get to go up north to see my aunts and cousins while we celebrate the upcoming birth of my darling cousin's baby boy.  What a welcome blessing after Jaci endured such a tough ordeal with cancer and chemotherapy.  She is an inspiration to me and always has such a good attitude about life.  I am excited to celebrate this much-anticipated joy with her tonight.  We're all going to have a ball!

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Mary Croxford said...

Looks like you guys have been busy have fun in the sun! Hugs to all!


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