Tuesday, May 17, 2011

another first

This little boy has had many "firsts" lately. He is growing up so fast I can hardly stand it!
  Wes and I took the boys to a puppet show at the library this morning.  For many reasons I won't go into, we ended up separated inside: me with the big boys and Wes with baby J in the back of the room.

Every now and then I could hear Jonah's little calls to me.  I looked back at him and saw what couldn't have been mistaken for anything else because it was s obvious:  a wave hello. 

Man, this boy is thinking outside the box.

First with, "Mama" and now with waving "hello" rather than "bye-bye", he has had another week of many firsts and they are different from what his brothers did.

He continued his waving every time he could catch my eye, and I drank it all in like a desert flower. 

This boy makes me feel so special.  I only wish he would stop growing so fast!  Love you, big J.

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