Friday, June 24, 2011


I am writing you all from my mom's computer as we attempt to nap 7 kids under 5 at the same time. 

Last week,Wes and I were watching a movie in bed on out laptop.  All of a sudden it shut off.  We haven't been able to turn it back on since.  My cute brother-in-law took it into his work an had a tech there look at it only to find out that our hard drive is ruined.

Luckily, we did buy a warranty with our laptop, and since it's only been 8 months since we bought it, the warranty is still good.  The only setback is that it's going to be about three weeks before it's up and running again.

Man alive, I miss that thing!  I have a budget to update, pictures to work on, articles and blog posts to write, etc.  Every day that goes by I get a little bit more overwhelmed, especially since I can't use my Silhouette machine right now and I need it - bad - for some things I am making for Jonah's first birthday party.  I am holing out hope that things pan out faster than they are telling me.  Otherwise I am going to have to simplify.  At least he's one and he won't even know what's going on, right?

It is nice to enjoy the time we have without the computer though.  A technology fast is always welcome here,
and we've been enjoying the little bit of extra time we have without the ability to use the computer.

I'd better sign off mom has a family laptop that has a line of people behind me waiting to use it.  I am grateful I was able to at least hop on today and pay some bills and send a few emails.  See you later!

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