Friday, June 10, 2011

miniature golf

The boys got their first taste of miniature golf at Day Out with Thomas with Daddy a few weeks ago.

They loved it!

Wes was thoroughly entertained by watching them plug along the course.  Watching him laugh at them was equally entertaining!  (Plus, he is really smokin' hot! It made him extra fun to look at. ;)

Micah would push the balls in when he felt that hitting the ball 42 times was enough and wanted to move on....

I LOVE the way he held the club!  And the face of concentration.  Priceless.

Kolton was enjoying himself also.  I only got a couple pictures of him because he was a man on a mission and couldn't be bothered by such trivial things as letting mom get a snapshot.  But man alive, he was fun to watch too.  I think he might be a better miniature golfer than me.  (Unfortunately, I think Micah may have inherited my golfing skills.)

This little man was content just chillin' with mom, pulling off his socks, and drinking a bottle.  Three of his favorite things.

I love those little toes.  I kiss them all the time.

I love that our family is growing and are boys are getting big enough to really enjoy and remember things.  It's fun to watch their darling little personalities developing.  I feel so blessed to have these three little jewels.  I'm also glad Wes (my biggest jewel of all haha) was able to come and be a part of such a fun day.  Everything's always so much more fun with Daddy around.  I'm looking forward to many more fun memories.  

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