Sunday, June 12, 2011

morning moments

I just squeezed out of my crowded bed to get up and get ready for church, but I had to stop for just a minute and express my gratitude for my dear, sweet family.

As I lay in my bed surrounded by boys, my heart just swells with appreciation for them.  Every one of them.  I love the way Wes always has to hold me while he's falling asleep at night, or the way he taps his chest in the morning when he wants to snuggle.  I love having a touchy-feely husband.  I love the way Micah, our early-riser, comes straight to me every morning.  He climbs under to covers and cuddles right up.  He lets me hold him so close.  He's so cozy, he goes right back to sleep just as my arm falls asleep, but I love every minute of it anyway.  I love how cute he looks as he holds his stuffed animals and sucks his thumb, as innocent as a lamb in my arms.  I love how Jonah's little calls out for "Mama" or "Dada" each morning somehow seem to wake up two sleeping rocks - Daddy and Kolton (they both are big fans of sleeping late into the morning).  Once he's in our bed, Kolton instantly follows and we have a whole brood of cheerful, busy little boys in bed with us, giggling and snuggling and making me feel like the luckiest wife and mommy in the whole world.

I love how something as simple as a few sweet moments in the morning seem to make my life feel so rich with love and help me start my day right - with gratitude for life's many blessings.

I know one day our boys will grow out of this phase and move on to the next, but for now, I am enjoying the beautiful, sweet "family cuddle" in our bed. 

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