Monday, June 6, 2011

notes to self:

-Kolton no longer likes "fuzzy pajamas".  That is what he calls jammies made of anything but knit cotton fabric.  I need to remember this next time I go shopping.

-I also need to remember to buy some shorts for Jonah.  I'm not sure where they all went, but we have about a zillion short-sleeved shirts and only 1 pair of shorts.  Hmmmm....

-I think they changed Huggies diapers.  Jonah leaks with every poopey diaper.  Melinda mentioned the other day that she bought some size 3 Pampers swaddlers over the internet.  I need to look into that when this box gets low.  Either that or potty train (aka "Mommy train") Jonah.  Haha.

-Wes and I need to sit down and make some decisions.  We are going to the LDS Holistic Living convention in a couple weeks and need to select our classes.  We also need to decide on which bike events, UOVA tournaments, etc. we are going to be signing up for this summer.  We're going to have so much fun!

-It's warm enough to sign up for horseback riding lessons again.  And this time, Kolton is begging to join me in learning.  I need to ask around to see if he is old enough to try it yet.

-I need to check eBay for the Victory Garden Cookbook.  I got it from the library and loved it, but it's two weeks overdue now (because I don't want to give it many yummy veggie recipes in there!) and I can't find it on Amazon.  Maybe I should check Paperback Swap too....

-I need to line up a sitter a couple times a week so I can begin to tackle packing before moving is right upon me.  There's so much I could pack up right now that we wouldn't miss (holiday items, sports equipment, etc.).

-I ought to do another slew of KSL and Craigslist listings and get the last extra items out of the basement.

-The boys are begging for a sandbox to play in.  Maybe I could find a free one on the above said websites.

-The piano keys from middle C through 2 octaves down and 1 octave up are still sticking.  It's time to get our amazing piano guy out here for the 4th and final time.

-I should look over my little piano teaching kit asap.  Kolton wants to learn to play so bad (probably because Mommy plays all the time) and I'm running out of things to teach him to keep him content until I figure out how to teach him.  (He's getting pretty darn good at "Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater" though.

-My cousin is getting married this week.  I need to get a sitter and a present.  I'm so excited for her!

-It's time to sign up for Photoshop 1 at Pixels for the third and final time.  This time, all the planets will align and I will make it!  :)

-The battery for the Power Wheels seems to be losing life.  I think it's time to replace it.

-I need to have Wes teach me to put our bike rack and the bikes on the car.  I have big plans for some fabulous rides with the boys this summer.

-We are doing our own little "Kids' Camp" this summer.  I need to sit down with the boys and my list of fun things and see what they'd really like to do.  I can't decide who is more excited, me or them?  (I will blog more about this later as we get going.)

-Wes and I should probably start planning now if we want to get away for a night or two on our Anniversary.  (I think the last time we went away together was when Micah was a baby.)  Maybe it would be fun to surprise him...

-Fathers' Day is coming fast!  I need to order what I need for the gift the boys and I want to make Daddy, Grandpa, and Poppy.  We are so blessed to have these wonderful "Daddies" in our lives.

-I need to get some spray paint to finish the "Repenting Bench" I found at Wood Connection awhile ago.  It's already become a necessity in our house!  What a great addition to our house while we are learning all about "Justice and Mercy".

-Along the lines of the monthly value, I need to get that darn article up over at Power of Moms. I'm so excited for this one!

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