Friday, June 17, 2011

t-ball fun

The boys had so much fun with t-ball this year (actually, maybe that was an overstatement, but I sure had fun watching them.).  All the boys (my youngest brothers, Nathan and Josh, and my oldest sons, Kolton and Micah) got to be on the same team.  Man alive were they ever excited about that!
My little Kolton did enjoy the game until about 2 or 3 innings in....then it got a little old.  But He sure looked cute when he'd get into the game!
Just chillin'
Same goes for Nate and Josh.  (This is Nate above)  They crack me up when they get bored - they both are such clowns! 
Micah didn't really care about t-ball.  He was happy diong all kinds of things, but none of which were t-ball, unless it was his turn to bat.  Then he'd participate, but only if Mommy ran the bases with him.  I gladly was fun to hear those happy giggles.

Poppy was out in the field with the boys every game.  Wes was out there as much as he could be with his work schedule and us juggling Jonah.  I think the Daddies both enjoyed doing "guy stuff" with the boys.  The little boys sure ate it up!

Joshie is patiently waiting in the outfield....

Just experimenting with my camera a subjects were too cute not to take advantage of!

I told you this guy (Nate) was a clown!

Here's a good example of Micah finding anything to do other than playing t-ball.  Silly boy.  I'm just glad he's so easily entertained by himself or I would have been in real trouble!

I think my Dad is so handsome.  :)  Love ya, Dad!

This boy was just as good as gold almost the whole time every game.  Even when he'd get bored, he'd obediently go out and play until the game was over.  He was such a good sport.  I'm so proud of him.  He's suddenly so grown up to me - slow down, Buddy!

Here's Kolton at bat....
.....and now tagging first.

Nathan batting.  I love the cute faces they pull.

He'd slide into first every time.

Kolton waiting on second base.  Boys will be boys.  I love it.

Micah entertaining himself again.  I love that boy!

Spiderman glasses are a hot commodity around here!
I'm not sure what was going on here, but it made me look twice!  Wow Nate!

The girls (my youngest sisters) were content just being spectators or park-players.  They'd much rather do girly things than play t-ball.  Aren't they cute?

Not Joshie has the honor of wearing the Spiderman glasses.

I loved seeing how hard the boys would try to get the ball.  Every time someone would hit you'd see a swarm of determined little boys go running after the ball.  It kind of reminded me of girls trying to catch the bouquet at a wedding.  Kolton came out victorious a few times.  He was so proud!

I'm not sure where the ball went, but apparently not where he was expecting it to go.  Don't you just love that cute little face?

I have some more t-ball pictures, but this post is already getting too long, so I'll save them for later. 

I'm glad these boys all got the chance to play on a team together.  I hope it happens for many years to come, but we'll see.  My little brothers loved t-ball, and my boys just begged to play soccer the whole time.  I wonder what they'll all end up loving.  Either way I'm so glad they all have each other.  And I'm even more glad that I get to be a big sister and a mommy to such a darling, sweet, fun group of busy little boys!

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Mary Croxford said...

Oh wow! What fun memories! I just love these little boys! They keep me laughing all the time. Thanks for sharing all these fun pictures. You are doing a great job with your camera.


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