Friday, July 15, 2011

another blogging vacation

Man alive, we have been BUSY here!

We have lots of good things happening, and so many I want to document.  I think at this point though I am going to have to resolve to make a list for "after we're moved and settled" because my head is constantly swimming with overwhelm from all of the things I have on my plate right now.

Yes, you read that right....we are moving!  The official date is in mid-August, but Kolton is starting Kindergarten right after, and we are going to the Croxford family reunion at Bear Lake right before.  In addition to all that craziness, Wes has been picking up extra shifts all over the valley for two reasons: 1) to hopefully aid in his transfer out of his current location and save him some commute time and 2) to have some extra money to save, move with, and supply our new, much larger yard with a few things for the kids (and adults) to play with, and hopefully a used riding mower (we hear that mowing the lawn there with a push mower takes over three hours). 

We are both so grateful that Wes has such a secure, wonderful job that is has been able to get a little flexibility (hopefully) for the next few weeks, and that he is able to get any work hours at all, let alone so many extra.  I don't want to ever take that for granted.  Ever.

That being said, I am a little bit beside myself about what in the world I am going to do to hold this family together and preserve the fun and happy memories and moments of summer while scrambling - on my own - to pack this house, prepare for a vacation, and have an absent (and extremely hardworking and amazing)husband.  Our 7th anniversary is also in the middle of everything, but we opted to put of celebrating until we are a little bit settled and then we will go give ourselves a little break!

Today I've done at least 10 loads of laundry and dealt with three out-of-control-because-the-routine-is-off kids.  I am running out of patience and my energy left days ago.  I am attempting to take a step back and figure out how to take care of myself in the midst of everything so my healing will continue instead of regressing.  I am going to need to be MAJOR organized, disciplined, and committed to making this all work.  I'm definitely motivated, but at the same time I am already burned out.  I am currently at a loss as to how to pull it all together, and definitely open to suggestions!  Wes doesn't have a real day off until we leave for Bear Lake, so depending on him is out.....he is already overextended as well.  I really, really hope I can do all this in a way that will still somehow lend to some margin and rest, and I do think it's possible, but only if I can get it together right away.

I am so overwhelmed I don't even know where to start.  I just want so much to soak up and hold onto what's left of summer.  I'm not ready to send my baby to kindergarten, and I want to make sure there is ample time for spending time together while summer is still around.  For some reason I am having a really hard time getting used to the fact that Kolton will be gone from me five mornings a week in just five short weeks from now.  I don't feel anywhere near ready to let him go.  I just want to be with him and the rest of my sweet family as much as possible until the school year begins.  I don't want him to go to kindergarten off-routine and feeling neglected because Mommy has been busy with moving and Daddy has been busy working.  I want to make sure he knows that he and his brothers are my number one (after Wes of course) and I love them more than anything in the world. 

My mom advised me to get rid of anything extra that might free up some time.  Although I find blogging to be very therapeutic and fun, I also feel very strongly right now (I'm such a genius huh?  ;) that I need to take a little break until I have my feet under me again.  If I throw a post or two up here and there between mid-August, it's because I needed to for my sanity, or even better, maybe I will be able to pull it together if I get a good start on all if this.  But for now, I am excusing myself from the blogging world for a few weeks as I busily and happily prepare for and EMBRACE so many fun and exciting adventures that lay ahead for our family. 

I feel so blessed for the direction things are going.  I can just feel in my bones all the good things coming our way, and I need to make room for them.  I am grateful we found a great home with an awesome yard in the school boundaries we wanted (Kolton and my little brothers, Nathan and Josh, will all be attending kindergarten together), I am so grateful Wes has been able to pick up so many hours at work, and I am excited to take a little more time up at Bear Lake this year and give ourselves a little break in the middle of all the craziness.  I know we will need it and enjoy every minute of it.

So for now, I am signing off.  I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your summer also!  Wish me luck!


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Mary Croxford said...

Hang on for the ride! Who said life is like a roller coaster? I am so excited for you guys! Hooray! Welcome to Highland! We know you guys will love it here. You are amazing and will handle things just fine. You always do! Hugs for now!


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