Monday, July 11, 2011

saddle up!

A few months back, Wes and I bounced around a few ideas of how to get me on a was something a few doctors recommended for healing.  Being the horse-lover I am, I was gung-ho over the idea, and Wes was in too.  He was happy I'd found something I wanted to do for me - like his volleyball.  Happy parents make happy kids, right?

Well, I found a gal out here that is a horse trainer and teaches lessons on the side.  She is fabulous, and has been teaching me a lot about horse care, tacking up, etc. so that when we get some horses a few years down the road, we will be prepared and ready for that big step.

I love horses. I love riding.  Right now, it is definitely where I want to be.  I get a good workout, and I get my spirit fed.  I love the human-animal connection, and I find riding to be very therapeutic.  I look forward to my next encounter just as I am leaving my last.  The days I am riding are the best days for me....I LOVE it.

When I found this horse gal, Kolton decided he wanted in on it.  Wes and I talked and decided he was old enough, and that it might be good for him to find something that's challenging and confidence building.  (I also read a fabulous article, here, and we are definitely going to be implementing some of these strategies into it as well.)  The instructor told us that we could pop him up after my lesson and see how he did.

He did great!

He loved it.  It's kind of overwhelming to see my little baby on that big horse, but my heart just swells with pride at the way he faced his fears (over such a big horse) and hopped right on and showed that horse who was boss!

This is Cass:
He's a sweetheart.  And here is Kolton.  I love that smile!
 This is his second week.....getting a little more comfortable.
 He loves to untack the horse.  He particularly likes hosing the horse off afterwards.
 Kolton now is obsessed with horses.  Here he is at Wheeler Farm.
I'm glad that  I have a little buddy to share my love of horses with.  Hopefully the horse bug will spread through the rest of the family, but for now I am content having something special to share with my big boy.

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Mary Croxford said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm ready to jump aboard! ;o) Kolton is so dang cute. So glad you guys are enjoying these lessons so much.


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