Monday, August 22, 2011


I wanted to blog about something important today.

There aren't too many things more important than being a good parent.  I know I want to teach my kids all the right things, help them be the best they can, and make certain they know that no matter what, I will always love them.  I want to give them all the tools they need to grow up in this daunting world....a world where pretty much everyone out there except for us parents will be constantly luring them into a very dangerous trap - the entitlement trap.

Sometimes I am blown away by the way things are today.  There is so much financial and personal crisis because people expect handouts and refuse to take responsibility...for themselves!  And now our children are becoming the same way.  They think they need everything they want, the minute they decide they want it, just because someone else has it or even just because it suddenly exists.  Can you imagine, with these children growing up with our entitlement-teaching government, with parents, teachers, everyone giving them handouts, what they are going to do when they suddenly get to college and are offered hundreds of preapproved credit card applications?  Do you think they will even be equipped and know how to handle money or do responsible things?

I have a friend who once had a job teaching young missionaries in our church how to do simple household tasks such as cleaning toilets and doing dishes.  Can you believe that?  Grown 19-year-old boys not even knowing how to fold his laundry?!  Well, that's the world we live in, and a harsh reality for some unlucky children, children whose parents probably meant well and wanted them to have all the happiness and joy this world had to offer, parents who didn't understand or consider the fact that the reality is that work can be a joy, especially when you are taught about and handed the power that only work and responsibility can supply.  I know that I definitely want my children to grow up knowing how to work hard, handle money, and take responsibility for their own decisions.

But how?

Lucky for us, there is an actual book coming out that is going to be able to guide us all through the process by offering tried-and-true methods for teaching ownership and responsibility.  I have already preordered this myself back in April and cannot wait to get my hands on this important, every-parent-should-own-one book.  It's called "The Entitlement Trap" by Richard and Linda Eyre.  You can order your copy here.

Ordering your copy of today will do two things: 1) You will have it to teach your children and help equip them with what they need to avoid the entitlement trap, plus preordering today will get you a $6 discount and 2) You will help this book make its debut already on the NY Times Bestseller list....where hopefully other parents who could use the book that might not go looking for it will find it.  This is a book every parent should have.

Well, kids are coming in my room now, which is my cue to go.  Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!

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