Tuesday, October 4, 2011

farewell to summer

The other day, I took my boys to Gateway Mall to play in the fountains.  I wanted to seize what I think was one of the last "water days" this year.  We all had so much fun!  It was so nice to just take a break and soak in the sunshine.  I love watching my boys play together.

Kolton was a little diehard.  He LOVED it and played in the water the whole time.
Here's the only picture I got with Micah in the water.  (I don't know if he just wasn't in the mood, or the water was too cold, he was tired, or what, but he wasn't much into the water that day.)

Even though he wasn't much into the water, he was pretty content to watch.  I loved having him sit by me.  :)

Jonah was happy just exploring.  He was all over the place and happy as can be.  Sometimes I have to look at him twice when he's "out and about"....he looks like such a little toddler now.  My baby is almost gone.  But what a funny, sweet boy he's turning out to be!

I didn't realize that there was "dancing water" aka a water show at Gateway.  We saw four different songs played before we left.  How fun to have that close by.  I can't wait to drag Wes back and show him (we have a special little "thing" with the Bellagio because we visited there while we were engaged a few times, and frequented there once we were married.). 

Here is part of one of the shows to give you a taste:

I loved all the pretty mist the water made, too.  Kolton sure seemed to enjoy it.  :)

I love his face in these pictures.  Pure bliss.  A good reminder of how simple things can bring such joy in life.

This boy was "showing me his smile".  I guess he forgot to look at me haha!

Now he's looking, but night smiling.  But he's definitely melting my heart.  :)

Kolton wanted Jonah to play in the water with him so bad!  (He's such a good big brother.  Both of my younger boys look up to him so much.  I'm so grateful he's my oldest boy.)  Jonah was too busy cruising on the benches, crawling like Mowgli, looking for interesting things on the floor....

I love Kolton's face here and tongue out.  Apparently, this is serious business!  Haha!

We also lucked out and soaked in some serious beauty.  Between the "water shows" and waterfall at the mall, the zinnias were in full bloom.  I LOVE zinnias and couldn't resist the chance to photograph them.

Micah loved smelling the flowers once he discovered them.  I think he inherited that from his mommy. 

A close-up....my favorite.  I love his sweet little "smelling" face!

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