Friday, November 4, 2011

happy halloween 2011

Halloween was a bit of a blur this year due to morning sickness.  We had to oust pumpkin carving and procrastinate caramel apples, but all in all, we had a great year!

Micah was a knight on Halloween, but I had to throw in a picture of him in his Iron man costume because for the whole week leading up to Halloween, he lived in that thing.  Here he is at our ward's trunk-or-treat:

And here are Kolton and Nathan at the trunk-or-treat (big thanks to my family who came with me since Wes had to work):

Here is Micah - "Iron man-Spiderman" after all the face painting craziness of Halloween morning. All our kindergartners were SO excited for the Halloween parade at school. (Thanks also goes to my awesome mother-in-law who ran me through the logistics of painting Spiderman and even loaned me some supplies.)

His makeup is a little smeared due to some tears, but he didn't notice, so all was well.

Abby also hung out with us while we waited for the parade to begin.  Of course Teddy was there too!

Hallie, Daddy's girl as usual.  :)

Poor Jonah had a rough morning.  He pretty much got thrown food and ignored all morning since I was face painting everyone and my mom was getting everyone loaded up.  (Ignore the huge orange juice stain on his arm...he dumped his sippy cup out on the high chair and we just didn't have time to change the poor guy without missing the parade.)

Here is Spiderman Kolton:

And "Spiderman-knight" Nathan and "Dead-pilot-with-blood-dripping-off-his-mustache-and-fangs" Josh:

Please excuse the fact that some of these pictures are blurry.  I had to chase the kids who wouldn't stop for pictures.

Halloween night, we had a pumpkin-shaped pizza and salad.  We also made some caramel corn to take to my mom's to share.  Then we loaded up kids, treats, and costumes and headed to my parents' neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  Here is the best shot I could get of all the kids.  We had trick-or-treaters coming and going during pictures, so everyone was just a little distracted.  ;)  Aren't they all cute?

This was my very favorite costume this year.  Isn't Jonah the cutest teddy bear you've ever seen?!  I love those little feet!

Let's get a closer look...

And here's our Spiderman (sorry it's blurry):

And our knight:

Both boys insisted on getting their faces washed for the night.  They didn't want to wear their masks with paint underneath, I guess.
Let's get one last look at that darling teddy bear...

Happy Halloween!

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