Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Walk

This year, we had the privilege of attending our first "Pumpkin Walk". It's something our elementary school does every year around Halloween, and after attending I can see why it has become such a fun tradition!

Each class in the school decorates their pumpkins around a character value they want to develop.  They choose a theme and everyone decorates their own pumpkin.  They are then set up outside the school, one class after another, for anyone to come out and enjoy.  After the walk, the kids get to take their pumpkins home to keep.  It's a really cute idea!

I took lots of pictures.  Each class represented so much work and creativity to me that I had a hard time leaving anyone out!

I loved how some of the older classes had each child write a little bit about their goals/values for the upcoming year:

Isn't this so true?

I thought this was a "sweet" idea:

These kids make me laugh and I've never even met them!  Aren't their chef pumpkins hilarious?

Don't you just want to hug this little girl after reading that?  What a sweetheart!


This was one of my favorites because there was a little more variation between each pumpkin.  The kids really took that and ran with it.

This totally looks like something I would have done as a child.  All pink and pretty. 

I really got a kick out of this one.  She kind of reminds me of Miss Piggy.  :)

I loved the different perspective offered here:

This could melt the heart of any mother of boys.  So sweet.

Very mature and eloquent. This kid is going places!

And here is Kolton's class and pumpkin.  I loved the theme his teacher picked.  So perfect for kindergartners!  I loved seeing each "chocolate chip cookie".  So darling!

Here's my little "chocolate chip"!  (in the yellow towards the middle)

And my little brother, Nathan.  (in the orange on the bottom left)

And my other little brother, Josh. (smack dab in the middle with the Spiderman hat)

And their pumpkins:

My boys were so excited to see all the pumpkins.  Kolton was so proud of his pumpkin and couldn't wait to show us.

This is how Jonah looked pretty much the entire time.  (If anyone out there knows how to keep shoes and socks on a toddler, please tell me all your secrets!)

And after awhile, this is what he decided he thought of the pumpkin walk:
Oh well.

All in all, it was a really fun night.  A big thanks and pat on the back to the fun and creative minds behind it.  We can't wait until next year!

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Tiffany said...

My friend's kids go to that school, and she told me she was helping with that once a couple of years ago. I never saw pictures and didn't really know what it was. Now I do--oh my word--what a FABULOUS and darling idea!!!!
So, so creative.


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