Saturday, January 7, 2012

mommy burnout

I keep hoping today will be the day I get to blog a little more.  Christmas week through now we've had pink eye run through all three boys, sinus infections, Hand-Foot-Mouth disease, and just the regular "post-Christmas grouchies".  On top of that, my hips have been SO sore recently that some days walking or standing is almost unbearable, and I can't sleep because they go numb when I lay in my bed.  On the upside, although I am still nauseous, but I'm only throwing up a few times a week and I can eat my normal, healthier diet again....I will definitely take the pain over the nausea!

I've had my hands a little full preparing, trying to sort through hand-me-downs (thanks Mom!), and figuring out what we need and when, but it has definitely made things more exciting knowing we have a little girl coming this time.  We can't wait to meet her and are so excited that we are going with the birthing center, so we will have lots of snuggle and alone time with her when she's fresh from heaven.  :)

I have so much to share and write. I have a list of blog posts with titles so I will remember what I wanted to blog about.  But I am going to keep this post short since I've still got three sick little boys to attend to and they are all stirring early this morning and need Mommy a little more than normal right now.

This Christmas blew right by, but we loved it.  We had to oust a lot of things we normally do, for various reasons, mainly being that I was too sick for some things, or Wes' schedule combined with all the things both our families do didn't allow for much immediate family time.  All in all, it was a wonderful, magical Christmas that was special in its own way, although part of me this year is glad to move forward and put all the "extra parts" behind us.  New Years was spent at home alone with sick kids, so it was fairly quiet, but honestly, that was just what we needed. Wes and I are tired. I do have my Word of the Year all picked out and I'm really excited about it, but I will share later since I have a lot of updates to do, and although I've thought about specific goals, I haven't had a chance to write them down yet.  (But let me tell you, this is an exciting and symbolic word, and I can't wait to share it!)

Something I did want to share was how much Jonah is growing.  When we took him in for his 16-month appointment, he wasn't walking or talking yet (which didn't really worry me because Micah was almost 18 months when he finally decided to walk, and he stayed pretty quiet and nonverbal until he hit 2 1/2 or 3.), and the doctor was concerned about how little he was doing.  He said he wanted to test him for autism and other learning and developmental disorders is he wasn't walking and talking by his next appointment in 2 months.  (This was at the same time Micah was going through his stint with the preschool, so I was starting to feel like a really terrible mother.)  Fast forward to now, 2 1/2 months later, and he's not only walking, he's running all over and having a fabulous time "toddlerizing" our house.  His favorite thing to get into:  the garbage can and kitchen cupboards, and pulling freshly cleaned, folded clothes out of the laundry baskets.  He was kept us very busy while he gleefully keeps busy.  (Thank goodness he didn't discover the Christmas tree until a few days before Christmas!)  Jonah has also turned into a little sponge lately.  I've been very casually teaching him a few signs for things to test the waters, and suddenly he knows every sign he sees and seems to learn them pretty quickly. His favorites are dog, more, and eat.  I need to pop him and myself in a little class or find a few books to teach him more.  He's also learned to identify lots of body parts: hair, ears, teeth, tongue, toes, belly button, fingers, and nose.  He loves to sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" and will attempt the actions by himself, to our delight.  Something the doctor really wanted us to work on was pointing, and although he isn't doing it yet, he's reaching for things and has attempted to make a pointy finger a few times, so I think we are on the verge of it.  Jonah still only says, "Mommy, Daddy, and tickle", but is motivated to say things and is just soaking in everything about the world around him, and his discoveries are so fun to share and be a part of (he spotted balloons at Walmart yesterday and thought they were so amazing.  He was reaching for them and babbling noises - even attempting the word balloon "baba" the whole time we shopped).  He's starting to really love books and little songs and playing and interacting with others.  He's continually discovering the world around him, and falling more in love with it in the process.  I love his fun-loving, humorous, joyful personality and am trying to soak in every moment because he's just beginning to leave the baby stage and it seems at times that he grows and changes by the minute.  I am so thankful he is still a "Mommy's boy" and that he loves to be held and snuggled when he's tired.  I love that sweet baby boy and I am so relieved and proud of the strides he is making.

Well, that's it for now.  I'm hoping to begin tacking the list of "posts to write" and get my articles for this month's value (it's a good one!) done for Power of Moms.  I will let you all know when they are up (there are lots of exciting changes in that area as well, but I will share later).  Right now I'd better arm myself with what I need to begin administering eyedrops to three VERY reluctant little boys (please share if you have any tips!).  Wish me luck!

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