Monday, April 18, 2011

jonah's sailboat room

I never really got around to posting pictures of Jonah's room.  There have been some finishing touches I've wanted to make, and I had planned on tying the bumper pads back on for pictures also, but I'm beginning to think it's going to be quite awhile before those things happen.  And given the fact that we are listing our house soon, I don't think I'll be doing anything more to the house.  But I LOVED all my ideas and I LOVE decorating and making a house a home, so I wanted to remember how much fun I had with this room, complete or not.  In no particular order, here goes.....
 (I got the rocking chair on KSL for $50. Not the best, but it does its job and fits well in a smaller room.)

I've had fun deciding which pictures to put here.  I'm hoping to put some with multiple family member in it in the near future.

Here is another KSL $50 purchase. The hutch and changing table.  I was pretty proud of that good deal.  This is probably the nicest piece of furniture we own, in addition to the big boys' bed (which was also purchased on KSL).  I love it!

That picture of the lighthouse in the background, you can't see it very well, but it's made from Jonah's footprint.  I know a pretty talented lady from my MOPS group last year that came out and did all three boys' feet and they all turned out darling!  (Don't worry, painting that picture frame red or blue is on the to-do list.  I don't love the back, but it was all I had laying around home at the time.)  Also, I love the picture of Joseph teaching Christ as a toddler how to pray.  I met the artist at Swiss Days last year and I just had to have it when I learned the little baby in the picture was Jesus.  What a beautiful portrait of something we don't see very often.  Perfect for a baby's room. 

 I also painted the life preserver and the shelf.  I thought they turned out pretty cute...

I know this doesn't match, but it melted my heart when I read it so I thought I'd stick it up on the shelf anyway.  Isn't it so true?

I found this darling lamp on the internet for $30.  It was perfect for the room!

The mobile was found on a classified website in Texas.  (A Pottery Barn mobile that matched my Pottery Barn bedding that I got unused on KSL when Micah was a baby.  Once again, cheap, cheap, cheap!)  The mobile was new in the box, and the gal selling it was kind enough to ship it to me for no extra cost.  I was ecstatic!  I LOVE it!
I also painted the letters.  Found them precut online for a steal with free shipping.  Score!  I love the way it tied it all together.

(I didn't realize I didn't get a good picture of the rug, but it's equally cute and I got it during PB's 25% sale.  I paid a little more than I did for everything else, but it was still a steal in my opinion.  And it's so soft and nice....I wish I could get one for every room.  One day I will have wood floors with rugs everywhere....)

I had fun designing and putting the room together.  I turned out just the way I pictured.  I can't wait for the day when we have our own house again, where we will stay for a long time, that I can fix up and have fun with.  Until then, I'm sure I'll find some fun design ideas to keep me busy.  Decorating is so much fun!

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