Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Newest Additions - In the Fur

I haven't had a chance yet to formally introduce the newest additions to the Stewart clan.

This is Tucker. Or "Twilight's Mister Big Stuff" which may be the more fitting name for him.
He's an American Cocker Spaniel. He's a little darling who thinks Kleenexes are the greatest thing since playing fetch. But a good ol' squirt bottle seems to be doing the trick just fine. He's definitely a busier, more mischievous puppy than Chance ever was or ever will be. But he's got big, baby doll brown eyes that melt our hearts and keep us patient while he learns the ropes around here and uses my garden as his personal digging area, snack bar, and cozy bed. But all in all, he is learning, and we will be fencing in the garden anyway. He loves to play, and he "sings" along when music plays, he walks great on a leash, and offers all the love and snuggles we could ever ask for. He's going to keep me pretty busy for awhile, but he's got the "it" factor that make a great dog. And I can't wait until he's old enough to do agility. He's a fast lil' guy! He definitely gives Chance a run for his money when we are playing fetch with them!

We didn't plan on adding two right away, more like one right away, then later add the other. But due to the growing vole issues and our Chance's gentleness towards them, we decided we had to push up the "cat" thing since we'd tried everything else. I think since our fence is right on the "natural vegetation" (more like hideous landscaping) out here, it's something we will deal with the whole time we live out here. Especially since they have found the carrots and potatoes in my garden, and even some of my strawberries, to be so scrumptious. Everyone I talked to seemed to only have success with cats. We finally decided we'd had enough and gave in. When I went to pick up Chance from the vet after our trip, there were some rescued kittens there. The vet said they were found in abandoned garage. I resisted until I saw two little boys giggling and delighted over this darling black and white swirly thing. Then my heart melted. I called Wes. His heart melted. So we came home that day with not only Chance but Oliver too, the newest addition...
I've never had a cat before. But boy howdy are they ever fun! He is so cute with the boys. He gets mauled all day and just eats it all up. He's carried around and chased and teased and purrs the whole time. He comes running to the door when we get home, jumps on on our laps for snuggles and cute little kitty kisses, and even sits patiently when I clip his nails and bathe him. We love watching him jump on grocery bags and chase his favorite green, sparkly ball. He adds so much to our family. I never knew how loveable kitties could be. Now I truly can't imagine a home without one!
Kolton loves Oliver so much! Well, actually both boys do. But it's hard to photograph Micah with him because he's usually trying to pick him up by his tail, chasing him, squirting him with water, etc. I can't believe the poor kitty keeps coming back for more! It's been a huge relief to have some fun entertainment around for the boys! He sure keeps them occupied for hours.
You may think all these little guys are a lot of work. They sure are! But they are worth every minute and keep us laughing. Chance is tickled pink to have another dog around, and so are we. There really is nothing like a Cocker Spaniel, and we are so excited to finally have another cheerful, merry, cocker bouncing around our house, keeping us laughing every day. And we are so glad we decided to give a cat a chance too, because boy are they fun! (now all he needs to do is grow bigger and kill me some voles!)
Welcome to the Stewart home little furballs. We love you.


Mackenzie said...

What adorable little guys. I would imagine that your other boys (Micah, Kolton, and Chance) are all happy to have new playmates.

Michelle said...

YOU GOT A KITTY!!! ohhhhhh. Your little buddies sure are cute. We can't wait to meet them.


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