Friday, April 6, 2012

you would not believe

Hello, again. 

I wrote my last blog post the day I brought my new laptop home.  Four days later, it was in the shop and passed around from tech to tech until it finally made it back to Best Buy just 2 days outside the window for an exchange.  The Geek Squad let me know that my hard drive was not working and needed to be replaced.  My laptop was mailed out, supposedly on a rush delivery, and after over 2 1/2 weeks, I just received it last night and I am hoping, praying, that this is the real beginning of a normally functioning computer for me!

Our software guys have concluded that Carbonite is the issue, not viruses.  Whenever I try to restore my files, it messes up my hard drive.  I am now looking into ways to remedy that as I still have all my files over on Carbonite but want to get them back on my computer so I can use them, but I don't want to continue ruining my computer with it either.  Being the busy mom I am, I am not to literate in all things technology, so this is far from over.  Hopefully I will learn what I need to to forget this ever happened, right?  I don't even want to think about all the things I am behind on.....

Worst of all, I missed my month for my Love article over at Power of Moms.  I had the whole month all nicely outlined and we did all kinds of cute things that I couldn't document or share and now I feel like a total slacker.  I sometimes wonder if they believe me (although they don't give me any indication they don't) when I tell them again that I am having computer problems.

Anyway, I am hopeful that we are truly on the mend, although this situation has totally paranoid me about uploading pictures from my camera and such and so I currently have three full memory cards and I'm not sure where to dump them.  Hopefully I will figure it all out in time to get some cute pictures for Easter and spring....I feel like I've missed so much of our lives already!  (and yes, this very pregnant lady has shed some tears over that fact.)  So, here's to the beginning of a very overwhelming catch-up on ALL things computer (blogs, budgets, articles, pictures, etc.).  I'm guessing I will be quite the expert at the end and that this process may be the equivalent of learning how to clean and organize your home for the first time if you are not a "neat freak" by nature.  ;)

I will write an update on our lives soon, and hopefully get some much-needed pictures on here.  For now, I suddenly have two cute little boys snuggled in my bed with me vying for my attention.  Talk to you soon, blogging world!

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