Monday, May 25, 2009

Mothers' Day

I haven't had a chance yet to blog about my wonderful Mothers' Day. But I haven't forgotten it. It was busy, but wonderful.

Don't you just love belonging to that wonderful club we call "being a mom?"

I know I sure do.

My sister, Melinda, and I had been trying to figure out what to give my mom for quite a while. We knew she loved the brunch we did at Gardner Village last year (one of the best - highly, highly recommended), but we weren't sure how we'd pull it off with all the kiddos. Finally, we decided (along with cute Jesse) that we would bring that brunch to her. We cooked up a storm for most of Saturday night and Sunday morning. We made everything from ham and cheesy potatoes to Norwegian pancakes and chocolate fondue. We cooked tons and tons of food! Whew!
But it turned out so delicious, and so special. It was such a fun way to start Mothers' Day. I actually enjoyed cooking all that food, even more than I thought I would. Now I get why people love to cook on Thanksgiving. And boy howdy was my mom surprised. I can't believe she had no idea. The poor woman went to church without having eaten any breakfast.....

After brunch was over, we headed to Wes' uncle Pieter's house for the annual Wouden family Mothers' Day potluck. It was so fun! Wes and I actually fot to play a little volleyball together. We hardly ever get to play at the same time like that. It was fun! And of course always fun to enjoy the good food and even better company. We don't get to see the Woudens enough. They are such a fun and loving family.

My thoughtful, sweet hubby got me a darling window box and hose holder for Mothers' Day. I will post pictures when we've got everything rigged up on the house. It seriously is the cutest window box ever! I'm so excited to fill it with flowers! I've wanted one ever since we moved into our house. How fun to finally get one. :)

But for me, my two favorite parts of Mothers' Day are cards and just being together. I think most moms would agree that a few words of appreciation and love can go a long way. My mom started this new tradition where she writes us letters in Mothers' Day. I so wanted to start that this year but ran out of time since we left for DC two days later and I was scrambling around trying to get us ready. (Pictures of our trip to come, I've had some techmical difficulties.) I think it's a really special tradition and one I will definitely do next year. My mom always thinks of the most thoughful things and makes me (and everyone else) feel like a million bucks. I don't know how she does it sometimes, but what a great example of a mother's love she has set for me!
I just thought I'd give a little shout out to every mom who reads this. You are amazing! The things you do every day, the words you say, the hugs and kisses, the endless prayers and faith, the time and energy you put into what you do is just incredible. There aren't many jobs as difficult as this one, but definitely none are more memorable, special, and rewarding. How blessed your children are to have you on their side! I'm sure they all know that you love them no matter what they do, and that you'll always be there. There is nothing more magical than a "Mommy's kiss" in one way or another to make things better. We are so powerful. ;) Thank you for your wonderful, devoted, Christlike example of love and charity. You make a difference in the world more than you'll ever realize.

I was listening to a John Bytheway CD the other day. He was talking about different Book of Mormon characters and their attitudes. When he came to the Stripling Warriors he stressed over and over how important a role these boys' mothers played in preparing them for such a battle. In the scpitures it mentions the mothers several times. It is always a good reminder for me to think about that, or even go back and read it (and the many other parts in the scriptures that mentions moms) and realize what a noble and holy calling being a mom is. There is really nothing else more important (except maybe being a good wife, but I think you have to go hand in hand to do either the right way) than raising great children in such a daunting, scary world. It's so amazing to me that just about every dynamic, accomplished person in our history credits his/her mother to helping them become who they are. What an incredible thought! Linda Eyre says in all her books that being a mother is like being a gardner. We are raising all these different kinds of seeds into beautiful, strong flowers. Every seed needs a different mix of fertilizer, water, sunshine, and care to grow up to be the beautiful flower they are. What a neat analogy! Boy oh boy I have noticed me two little "seeds" are very different! But the other part that awes me is how I love them the same. What a blessing that is!

I could go on and on at how amazing it is to me that we are blessed with such an incredible and special responsibilty. But just know that what you do every day, whether acknowledged or not, doesn't go unnoticed. Your kids (and this means me too, Mom) think you are the greatest thing in the world. I bet they want to be just like you when they grow up. :) What a pleasure and a blessing to be a member of the neatest club in the world.

Moms, you truly are angels on earth!

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