Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day weekend was a bit slower than usual this year. But it was a welcome change of pace after our trip in DC, the new puppy and kitten, the usual summer craziness to put in the yard, and more sickness. It was nice to have a pretty relaxing weekend together.

I don't remember doing anything Friday or Saturday worth mentioning. Wes was working, and everyone was recovering from a nasty sinus infection. I think we took it easy. We may have gone to the kiddie pool or something, but I don't remember.

Sunday we went to Wes' mom, Johanna's grave. She died of stomach cancer when my sweet Wes was only 6 years old. I think of her often, and I love to hear about what she was like. After all, half my husband's genes came from her. Boy oh boy is she ever missed. I am excited for the day I will finally meet her.

Some years we go there and visit and pretty much feel like we're there talking to ourselves. Some years she's there. She was definitely there this year. I think we were both overcome with emotion. The other interesting thing for me was Wes talking about going to the cemetery all the time as a young boy. I figured his dad would have, but I had just never really thought about things from his perspective. Being mostly women that talk about things, I always picture being so sick and leaving four little children to grow up without me. I can't imagine how heartbreaking and difficult that would be! But thinking about being the one who stays here on earth, expected to pick up the pieces and move on, is equally gut wrenching in my book. Where would you even begin to live again after losing your best friend? How would you take care of your children, be their pillar of strength in such a trying time? How do you move on? Man oh man I hope I never have to find out! But I was glad I got to think of it all from a new a different perspective. I can't even imagine how your faith would grow going through something like that. I feel so blessed to have such a strong testimony of the gospel and the Plan of Salvation. I'm equally glad I share those two things with my husband and best friend, and that we were married in the temple for time and all eternity. What a comforting thought. What a blessing.

I wonder how many of our kids grandma Johanna is playing with while we are growing our family?

Monday Wes decided he wanted to play in another volleyball tournament. I wasn't too happy about it, since we had decided that our new family tradition for Memorial Day was going to be going to Lagoon together, but it turned out okay. The boys are really young anyway, so one more year of all-day volleyball doesn't hurt too much, right? Anyway, Wes took off early that morning, and we moseyed on over as soon as we were fed, napped, and ready. Shortly after we got there, Wes and his partner (forgot his name) totally crushes the other team in the finals and took first place! I was so proud. And boy howdy is he sexy when he's playing volleyball! Wes played so well, and he's been jonesenin' for first for awhile, so he was delighted! He won a nice outdoor volleyball, a t-shirt, and a camping chair. Way to go, Babe! Love you!

After we left, we headed over to the Northmoor pool to meet my family there. It was so cold and windy that we sure as heck didn't feel like swimming, but Kolton did. Man oh man that kid is a diehard! After swimming we headed to my parents' house to play games. Wes and I were so tuckered out by that point that we sat down on the couch and crashed. Slept the party away. Bummer. But it was nice to relax. Off we went home after that and slept like babies. That was probably one of the best parts. I guess that officially makes us a boring married couple right? Oh well.

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