Thursday, September 11, 2008

8 Things Tag

Okay, I was tagged by Stacey, so here goes.

8 Things I am Passionate About:

1. Wes - my sweet, sexy, loving, giving, hardworking, fun hubby and best friend!
2. Kolton & Micah - my two beautiful, healthy, happy boys
3. All our family and friends
4. My beliefs - the gospel, political, and personal
5. Music & Art
6. Life & Learning - living life to the fullest and trying new things
7. Animals - if you didn't know this one, you don't know me very well ;)
8. Physical Activity - in and outdoors - especially rock climbing, volleyball, ice skating, and snowshoeing

8 Words or Phrases I Say Often:

1. I love you!
2. I forgot all about it.
3. I need to go to bed earlier, I'm tired.
4. Do you need to go on the potty?
5. No no.
6. Wanna go bye-bye?
7. Are you serious?
8. You are so special.

8 Things I want to do before I Die:

1. Have more kids. Have more of my own and also adopt internationally.
2. Watch all my kids grow up making good choices and being happy. I want to see them all get married, go through the temple, and have kids of their own.
3. Travel with Wes.
4. Participate in dog sports.
5. Write a book.
6. Sing church music with my mom and sister.
7. Buy a house big enough for my backyard farm.
8. Go on a mission.

8 Things I Have Learned From my Past:

1. You are as happy as you choose to be.
2. If there's someone you don't care for, or someone that's not very nice to you, "kill them with kindness."
3. Prayers are always answered. The gospel is true, and I will always be happiest when I live it.
4. Everyone you meet has something to teach you. Everyone. And it's your job to seek it out.
5. People you love don't always make good choices. Love them anyway. Don't try to change people, love them the way they are, and always try to be there.
6. If you do what you know is right, even when it's not easy, or what you want, you will be blessed in the end. You will also feel peace immediately, and it will give you the strength to follow through.
7. Forget yourself and go to work. Serve others and do good in the world. Always look for opportunities to serve, and you will always fine them. The more you give, the more you get back, as far as love and happiness. I find that most of the most precious moments to me in my life involve some kinds of service.
8. If you try something new, oftentimes you will find one more thing to love about life, more people to meet, and more good to do in the world, and more fulfillment in your heart. Setting goals and reaching them could really go along these lines too. The harder you try to succeed in everything you do in life, the more success you will have.
9. I know I'm only supposed to put 8, but I just have to agree with everyone that's said: Family is the most important thing in the world.

8 Places I Would Love to Go or See:

1. Panama with Wes.
2. I would love to go on a church history trip or two. I also think I'd love to take my family to be in the Hill Cumorah pageant.
3. Italy
4. France
5. China - to bring a child home.
6. Thailand
7. Africa
8. Hawaii

8 Things I Currently Need or Want:

1. More sleep.
2. To be debt-free. (we are getting closer)
3. To finish the basement, and all the other little projects all over.
4. A climbing gym nearby.
5. More time with my sweet husband. I miss him!
6. More workout buddies.
7. Perfect eyesight. Without contacts.
8. Kolton to poop on the potty!

8 People I Tag:

1. Amanda
2. Michelle
3. Jaci
4. Melinda
5. Mom
6. Kristina
7. Liza
8. MacKenzie

Have Fun!


Andria said...

Very fun to read your answers!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

Stacey said...

Fun answers! I think this is a fun tag.


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