Friday, February 11, 2011

taco soup

I really love to cook.

And I'm pretty darn good at it. 

Wes is a lucky guy. 

Seriously though, I really love good food, so I've had to learn to cook food that suits my taste. Not in a braggy way....I just don't like to complain about things and then do nothing about it.  So if I'm going to be picky, then I'd better learn to cook good food!  Wes isn't as picky, but he loves good food.....what man doesn't?  Especially when I'm making it.  He LOVES when I cook.  For some weird reason he finds it attractive.  Maybe in the same way that I find him attractive when he's mowing the lawn or opening jars.  ;)

Well, tonight was supposed to be pizza night, but I wanted to push it to Monday so we could have a heart-shaped pizza on Valentine's.  I had kind of a rough day and didn't feel like doing much in the kitchen (I find cooking relaxing most of the time, but tonight I had three rambunctious boys who I was really ready to send off to bed. 

What to make when I want something healthy and yummy, but really don't have more than 10 minutes.  One of my good ol' standbys is taco soup.

I have seen many variations of this recipe, but I like mine the best so far.  It's so darn easy that I almost feel guilty about it!

I thought I'd share my little standby recipe, so here it is:

Taco Soup
1 # ground beef, cooked  (if you want a lower meat or fat content, you can half it or leave it out altogether and just add more beans.  When we do this, we add 2 cans of black beans.  You can also do 1/2 ground turkey and 1/2 beef)
2 cans stewed tomatoes (it pays to buy name brand on this one - we go with Italian or Mexican)
2-4 C corn (we have used frozen or canned....if it's canned then use 2 cans.  I like frozen better, so I just add a little extra water to the soup)
1 tall or 2 regular-sized cans of kidney beans (we always rinse the beans!  We have also used frozen with added water.  You need to rinse the beans because there is an ingredient in the canned beans that can give you lots of extra...ahem....gas.  Not to mention the chemical content.  But my mom likes the consistency of the soup better with the juice in the cans, so she doesn't rinse them.  Your choice.)
1 pkg. taco seasoning (we order ours that is MSG free from here.  We usually use 1/3-1/2 cup to taste.   But you can also use the regular brand.  They sell large jars of it at Costco, and if you buy those, then use 1/4 cup.)

To make, pour all jars, meat, and taco seasoning in a large pot.  Heat up.

SO DELICIOUS!  My kids never refuse to eat this.  We usually put a little shredded cheese, broken up tortilla chips, and a dollop of sour cream in it.  The rest of my family (my siblings and parents) eat it plain.  Either way it's just yummy.  Enjoy!

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