Monday, May 16, 2011

alice in wonderland

We saw something a little out of the ordinary for us last week.

Wes' little sisters, Emilee and Lauren, were in a play, "Alice in Wonderland".

We love to go to plays, but being able to see someone we know in the play is a little less common for us.  It was a real treat.
Lauren is on the left.
Emilee is to the right of the flowers.

Something I thought was kind of cute was the girls' reactions to my taking pictures.  Emilee totally ate up the camera - in every picture she s looking right at me with a big 'ol cheesy grin!  Lauren either didn't notice me there, or shyly tried her darndest not to notice.  I think it was the latter.  ;)  They are so darling!

Here they are together in this one.  Sisters and best friends.
Our boys were quite captivated for the whole performance.  They were glued to it the entire time.

I snuck up to the front of the stage to take some pictures (I didn't have my zooming lens as you can probably already tell), and the boy followed me up.  They loved getting a little closer view of the whole thing.

My mother-in-law warned us about a two-hour long curtain call at the end, so we opted to take our extremely tired boys (It was one of those LONG, BUSY Saturdays) home to bed.  There were many tears when they realized they wouldn't be able to play with Emilee and Lauren.  So we decided to distract them with a little bit of hill-rolling and running races before we got into the car and headed home.  They had a blast!

I'm glad we got the chance to watch Emilee and Lauren perform.  We are so proud of them.  They are such wonderful sisters and aunts and we feel so blessed to have them as a part of our family.  The boys look up to them so much!  I feel so grateful for their friendship to me and my boys, and even mroe grateful that the boys have such fabulous examples to follow. 

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